Current Interns

Alejandra Llinás

Marketing and Recruiting Intern, Lynn Hazan & Associates

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

  • Education: DePaul University Senior
  • Major: Marketing

Career Aspirations:  To become involved in the entertainment industry or get to be a marketing analyst and researcher.

Why LH&A:

  • Have experience finding talent
  • To gain business and communication knowledge
  • Great opportunity for networking

My Six Word Story: Creativity and research my way of life

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Investigating things (Investigative)
  2. Designing things (Artistic)
  3. Analyzing information (Investigative)
  4. Researching things (Investigative)
  5.  Creating trust (Social)

Pamela Binda

Hometown: Plainfield, Illinois

  • Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Senior
  • Major: Political Science

    Career Aspirations: To become a professional in public administration and communications.

    Why LH&A:
  • Be able to engage in project-oriented marketing while understanding the workings of the recruitment process
  • Expand my technical skills and develop greater understanding of corporate communication

My Six Word Story: Young professional seeking next career adventure.

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Building Relationships (Social)
  2. Translating Things (Investigative)
  3. Doing the Numbers (Conventional)
  4. Organizing Things (Conventional)
  5. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)