Current Interns

Andrea Bacchi

Marketing and Recruiting Intern, Lynn Hazan & Associates

Hometown: Milan, Italy

  • Undergraduate: DePaul University
  • Major: Honors Marketing (IME)

Career Aspiration: To become the skilled professional that makes a difference in the workplace.

Why LH&A:

  • To advance as an individual and gain valuable skills
  • To learn from Lynn, expert in Marketing, Communication and Recruiting
  • Conducting tasks that matter to a firm from the start

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Seeing the big Picture – Artistic
  2. Solving Problems – Realistic
  3. Building Relationships – Social
  4. Analyzing Information – Investigative
  5. Making things work – Realistic

Qianwen (Autumn) Huang

Marketing and Recruiting Intern, Lynn Hazan & Associates

Hometown: Shanghai, China

  • Undergraduate: Shanghai Maritime University
  • Graduate: DePaul University
  • Major: Predictive Analytics

Career Aspirations:  To become a professional marketing analyst

Why LH&A:

  • Have an interest in marketing and business analyst
  • Gain working experience as my first job in US.
  • Improve myself in job searching from the point of view as a recruiter

My Six Word Story: Tell the story behind the scene

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Advancing Ideas(Investigative)
  2. Analyzing Information (Investigative)
  3. Discovering Resources (Investigative)
  4. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  5.  Processing Things (Conventional)

Derek Franke

Marketing and Recruiting Intern, Lynn Hazan & Associates

Hometown: Lake Bluff, Illinois

  • Undergraduate: DePaul University
  • Graduate: DePaul University
  • Major: Business Information Technology

BIO:  A little about Derek Franke : Derek received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from DePaul University and completed an internship for WGN News in 2013. He entered the workforce as a multimedia journalist for KHQA News after college. Derek covered a variety of topics: we’re talking everything from house fires to dog shows. He returned to DePaul University to pursue a Business Information Technology master’s degree in 2014. The curriculum exposed him to project and information security management. Derek wrote a project proposal and plan for his own travel system, examined the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and studied the systems development life cycle (SDLC). He savored reading and hearing about the processes to implement agile and waterfall methodologies. Derek completed the program in June 2017. This journey helped Derek acquire several skills and taught him a lot about himself: He works well in fast-paced environments and enjoys stepping into unfamiliar territory. Derek relishes public speaking and always tries to do as much research as possible to prepare for questions. Derek is excited to join Lynn Hazan & Associates as an intern and to absorb all the knowledge Lynn has to offer.

—Derek Franke

My Six Word Story: Loves watching terrible movies and laughing

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Creating Things (Artistic)
  2. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  3. Persuading People (Enterprising)
  4. Investigating Things (Investigative)
  5.  Researching Things (Investigative)