Employer Services

Our Services:

  1. Executive Recruitment: Full time, temp, temp-to-perm and project-based assignments.
  2. Outplacement: Support services for small groups and individuals affected by corporate reorganization. We provide companies outplacement assistance to help their former employees activate a job search. We offer the structure, strategy and support to assist candidates in adapting to a changing job market quickly and maximizing their results.
  3. Workshops & Seminars: Custom-designed to meet your interests/needs. Topics include:
    a. The Brand You: Creating Demand For Your Talent
    b. Effectively Using Social Media To Advance Your Career
    c. Storytelling As A Leadership Tool

For Your Consideration:

  1. Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc. (LH&A) works on your behalf to source, screen and interview the most appropriate candidates who match your job specifications.
  2. Knowledge of your company/agency enhances our ability to recruit as effectively as possible.
  3. Each client company has its selling features. What unique features and benefits does your company offer?
  4. What is your sense of urgency? How soon do you need to hire? Can you be available for consultation and discussion?
  5. What are your specific needs? Are they realistic in the current job market? Where can you compromise? What are the must haves?
  6. Is salary commensurate with experience, education and core competencies? Are your benefits clearly stated and available for review?
  7. Has the position been advertised? Are you using other means for recruiting? If so, please inform us.
  8. Are there unique challenges inherent to the position such as travel or overtime? Please communicate these to LH&A.
  9. LH&A will keep you informed of changes in recruiting strategy or unique demands required by the assignment.
  10. Your recruiting needs may change as well. The more we communicate, the more efficient and successful the search.

Lynn Hazan
Phone: (312) 863-5401
Email: lynn@lhazan.com