34 Years/Reasons to Be Grateful By Lynn Hazan

34 Years/Reasons to Be Grateful:
By Lynn Hazan

In honor of Lynn Hazan’s 34th year as an Executive Recruiter & 19th as President of LH&A: I am grateful:
1. To the clients who trust me with their hiring needs for top talent.
2. To the candidates who were successfully placed in new jobs that elevated their standards of excellence to the benefit of new employers.
3. To my staff who added to the team spirit of standards of excellence.
4. To the interns who enhanced the international flavor with representatives from China, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Sweden and the U.S.
5. To the network of friends and colleagues of LH&A who are always eager to refer superb candidates. Thanks to: Nicole Price, Michelle Robin, Jeff Willinger, Martha and Jeff Carrigan, Hope Bertram, Sima Dahl, Jim Grillo and others.
6. For my love of storytelling and ability to get clients and candidates to tell me their stories. The storytelling movement is alive and well!
7. To the Business Marketing Association for honoring me twice: as New Member of the Year and Member of the Year. The friends I made from the BMA form a solid foundation of my Chicago professional affiliations.
8. To Northwestern University, University of Chicago, DePaul, Loyola, NSENG, IABC, Chicago Women in Publishing, AMA, Chicago Book Clinic, TEC (now Vistage), Black PRSA, Ragan Communications who brought me to speak to their members/students and audiences.
9. To Chicago Innovation for fostering the spirit of Innovation in Chicago.
10. To the “chance” encounters with clients and candidates who gave me reasons to believe that recruiting is first and foremost a people business.
11. To the candidates who became my clients and believed in passing our relationship forward to a new level of engagement.
12. To the candidates who accepted my coaching advice, aced their interviews and got job offers.
13. To the candidates who got it about the “WOW” projects and delivered.
14. To the repeat business from clients who grew their staff count, one hire at a time.
15. For the opportunities to keep learning and growing with every new day.
16. To the tech wizards who contributed their talent.
17. To DePaul University’s Marketing Advisory Group for enabling me to serve on the MAC.
18. For the opportunity to re-invent LH&A to respond to changing needs in the marketplace.
19. For the reasons to jump out of bed and get to work, no matter what.
20. For the opportunity to re-invent LH&A to respond to changing market conditions.
21. To the “ rubber ducks” that grace my office shelves and make me smile.
22. To the rubber duck contributors whose gifts accompany me on speaking gigs.
23. To the many pot-luck meals at the office to celebrate our staff’s and interns’ success stories and birthdays.
24. To the chefs in the office kitchen who produced the decadent chocolate treats for the holidays.
25. To the placed candidates who became our PR agents.
26. To the candidates who came in for career coaching and saw the light at the end of the tunnel.
27. To the candidates who didn’t know how good they were, worked hard and turned the corner to success.
28. To all my workshop attendees who participated in hands on activities.
29. To the staff, clients and candidates who forgave me when I erred.
30. For the opportunity to recruit in a field of business which continues to inspire me to this day.
31. For the chance to be creative and playful at work.
32. For the gift of friendship with thousands of professionals in this business.
33. For the stamina to keep up.
34. For the flexibility to work wherever I need to be.
35. For the gift to have an impact on people’s lives.
36. For the ability to keep doing this work for yet another year!