Send your resume as a .doc file to Lynn Hazan at lynn@lhazan.com. To help us get a snapshot of your background, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you looking?
  2. What is your ideal next job?
  3. What separates you from your competition?
  4. What are you seeking in a new job that you don’t have in your current/most recent situation?
  5. Break out your current/most recent job responsibilities on a percentage basis, from 0-100% of your total time.
  6. What have you done on your own behalf? Which companies have you contacted in your job search (to avoid overlap with our clients)?
  7. Current/most recent salary: base & bonus, hourly rate if interested in temp/freelance.
    7B) What salary range would you consider?
  8. Geographic desirability?
  9. Would you like to join Lynn’s e-jobs, a free, confidential listserv from Lynn Hazan & Associates? If so, you would receive the latest news and job openings from LH&A.
  10. How did you hear of LH&A?