1/23/15- New Marcom job- IT Services, Spruce Up LinkedIn profile & Cover Letters, Info Interviews & more…

The Chicago economy continues to pick up steam. We have a great new Marcom opening for a candidate with 1-3 years of experience.  Ready to jump-start your career? Keep reading.

Your LinkedIn profile is a must read for many hiring managers today – is it ready for prime time?  We offer new services through our Career Portal  that helps make sure your LinkedIn profile presents you in a polished, professional manner to help you get those interviews.

Your cover letter will be a door opener or closer. Find out how you can maximize your ability to get your resume and cover letter read.


Table of Contents:

A. Current Job Openings-New & Ongoing Searches

B. Free Webinar- Informational Interviews Lead to Job Offers-Jan 27

C. New Services: LinkedIn Resume Upload and Cover Letter Writing Service

 D. Great article: 10 Awesome Websites for Entrepreneurs

A.    New Job Opening: Marcom Associate

1. Marcom Associate-Chicago area-Immediate Hire-1-3 years of marcom experience.



B. Current Job Openings

1. Director of Communications – Real Estate – Chicago


2. Senior Graphics Designer – B2B Ad Agency – Chicago


3. Global Director of Marketing and Communications– Not for profit – Chicago



C. Free Webinar-Jan 27, 2015

1.  Informational Interviews Lead to Job Offers
January 27 @ 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST, 9:00 am MST, 10:00 am CST)
Your job as a job seeker is to schedule as many interviews as possible. If you have not been successful scheduling job interviews, it is wise to schedule informational interviews. During this session we will cover the following topics:

  • What could be sabotaging your search efforts
  • The who, what, when, where and why of Informational Interviews
  • Why this differentiates you from your competition

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URL: www.hrsearchincsite.com
Username: lynn Hazan
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D. New Services through Career Portal: LinkedIn Resume Upload & Cover Letter Services

1. LinkedIn Resume Upload

Your resume represents who you are as a professional to your potential employers—but did you know that your LinkedIn profile does, too? More and more hiring managers are taking to the Internet to determine which candidates will receive an interview and which will not. To help you present yourself in as polished and consistent a manner as possible, we offer a $25.00 LinkedIn Resume Upload Service.

Through this service, we will upload your new resume and populate your LinkedIn profile for consistency and keyword recognition, ensuring that your potential boss sees the same level of professionalism when they search out your LinkedIn page as they do when they read your new resume!

Log into the Career Portal to order your LinkedIn Resume Upload Service:
* On the Home Page, scroll down to the LinkedIn Resume Upload Service banner that is on the right hand side of the page.

Your Login Information is: URL: www.hrsearchincsite.com
Username: lynn Hazan
Password: (password you selected upon registration)

2. Cover Letter Services

A well-written cover letter quickly introduces your specific skills and accomplishments. By highlighting the capabilities that potential employers value, a cover letter sparks interest and encourages recruiters and hiring managers to learn more about these abilities by reading the resume.

Not only is the cover letter a wonderful asset to provide, it is often considered a prerequisite and specifically requested in job postings. In this competitive job market, it is not wise to use a general cover letter when applying to multiple companies and positions. The cover letter must be customized toward each company and opportunity you are seeking.

Our process guarantees that your cover letter will be carefully crafted to enhance your talents and showcase your abilities to hiring authorities. Our cover letters are created by professional resume writers who have experience placing job seekers in the positions they desire –they know what to include in cover letters that grab the attention of potential employers.

For a $20.00 investment you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customized Cover Letter written by a professional resume writer and employment expert
  • The ability to highlight capabilities needed for specific opportunities and companies
  • A document rich in keywords, per new recruiting standards, that also radiates confidence and showcases your expertise
  • Strategic differentiators that will assist in separating you from your competition

Log into the Career Portal to order your Cover Letter:

Your Login Information is: URL: www.hrsearchincsite.com/cover_letter.php

Username: lynn Hazan

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E. Article: 10 Awesome Websites for Entrepreneurs

Or anyone in business today. Thanks to the IL. ITA