8-23-18: Put your Dance Form and Job Search in High Gear.

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 8-23-18: Put your Dance Form and Job Search in High Gear.
Put your dance form and job search in high gear. Match the energy and enthusiasm these Spanish dancers exhibited at Millennium Park this week.
As the summer winds down, we can still enjoy the rush as we transition into the Fall with new jobs to fill.
The economy is strong. Clients are hiring. You can be our next placement.
If you have strong marketing communications experience and want to work on trade shows, join our client in the SW suburbs of Chicago.
Move on to the near North suburbs of Chicago if you have excellent PR skills or Social Media expertise. Our PR agency client keeps winning new business and is happy to hire. Interest in real estate is a plus.
Join the LH&A intern program. We have the best interns! I’m biased.
Catch up with all the latest workshops and seminars to get you primed for success on your job interviews. See info below.
Free Webinar: It Is Time for a New Job Target


Date: Tuesday, August 28th
Time: 3:00 pm EST (12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST). See below forinstructions on how to register.
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Featured Article of the Week: Source: Mindtools
If you hear that a new team member or manager is “emotionally intelligent,” you’ll probably nod gratefully. You’ll understand that he or she will likely listen to you, try to see things from your point of view, and resist jumping to conclusions.

How Mindfulness Leads to Emotional Intelligence

 Our Current Openings 
Do you have strong marketing communication skills and trade show experience? Experience from manufacturing, hard goods or construction from corporate, ad or marketing agency or trade association? Are you creative? Enjoy working with small, collaborative team? Click here to keep reading…
Sr. Account Manager – Real Estate PR – Near North Chicago Suburb
Are you an experienced PR professional with a passion for writing/editing and pitching? Do you have a nose for news and solid foundation of working with clients? Track record of successful placements? Digital experience?
Are you curious about real estate or want to learn more? New business wins spell success for agency and need to hire. Will also consider candidate for full time or part-time employment. Click here to read more…
What client does: 
Client is a boutique, family-friendly PR agency with flexible hours. Strong emphasis on creativity, integrity, determination and fun.
Social Media Strategist – Real Estate PR – Near North Chicago Suburb
What client does: 
Client is a boutique, family-friendly PR agency with flexible hours. Strong emphasis on creativity, integrity, determination and fun.
Associate Product Manager– Manufacturing- SW Chicago Suburb
Do you have strong marketing or product management experience from a manufacturing, hard goods or construction environment? Are you process oriented?  Enjoy managing up to 10 simultaneous projects?  Do you enjoy working with R+D, purchasing, supply chain, operations and plant management? Expert on Excel? Here’s your opportunity to use marketing or product management expertise to help launch projects/products in a planned timeline. Click here to read more…
Marketing/PR/Recruiting INTERN– Downtown Chicago 
Our internship program is unique in that we share knowledge: we teach and learn from each other. Flexible hours; can receive college credit. Work side-by-side with president and other interns in an energetic environment. A definite career builder for a student or new grad interested in marketing, communications, human resources or recruiting.  Click here to keep reading…
Consulting Services
Take advantage of our Resume Review and Empowered Job Seeker Summer specials. Prices go up in the fall.
Click here to Learn More
  • The Resume Review 
In this session, Lynn Hazan will help you to break through the clutter of similar, boring resumes. You will receive practical suggestions and tips on how to revamp your resume. Complimentary follow-up phone session to assess revised resume is included. Time permitting, LinkedIn profiles will also be evaluated. Click here to Learn More
  • Empowered Job Seeker-Summer Special
“Empowered Job Seeker™” is a program that helps candidates undergo effective job searches in the ever-changing marketplace. In this 3-hour (1.5 hours each session), one-on-one or group consultation, participants learn proven techniques to more successfully market themselves as the candidates of choice. Click here to Learn More
 Ragan Communications Special Discount! 
Readers of the LH&A blog will automatically receive a $250 discount for participating in a Ragan conference.
Use The Links to Receive The Discounts
  • Leadership & Executive Communications:
Sep 13-14, 2018. Washington D.C
  • Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing- Intel:
September 26-28, 2018. San Jose, CA
  • Employee Communications, PR & Social Media Summit- Microsoft:
October 3-5, 2018. Redmond,WA
  • Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work- Zappos:
October 16-18, 2018. Zappos HQ, Las Vegas
  •  Intranet Best Practices Conference at Tapestry:
November 6-7, 2018. New York City
  •  Best Practices for Communicators in Highly Regulated Industries:
November 8-9, 2018. New York City
1. NSENG: “How to apply ‘Design Thinking’ to stress & resiliency in your job search” with speaker John Coyle 
Location: OAK BROOK McDonald’s Hamburger Univ (2715 Jorie)
Date: Tue Sept 4th from 6:15-8:30pm
Description: Job search stress can often paralyze job seekers from making significant progress in their career search. And without the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks, a downward spiral can ensue. But there are specific tactics that you can take to prevent this from happening. John is a world renowned speaker and his presentation will cover:
  • The latest neuroscience findings around stress and resiliency (some of the greatest impediments to a job seeker’s progress)
  • Tools to recover from stress and how to come back stronger during your search
  • A new model of resiliency… one where “proactive challenges” are designed to build capacity for even greater performance when under pressure
  • How focusing on strengths and mindfulness creates increased resiliency for job seekers
2. NSENG: “Dynamic personal branding & social networking for your job search” with speaker JD Gershbein
Location: GLENVIEW
Glenview Library (1930 Glenview RD)
Date: Wed Sept 5th from 6:15-8:30pm

Description: Job seekers with the strongest personal brands and the deepest networks possess a competitive edge over other candidates. Learn techniques for bolstering your brand and creatively communicating your value online to your professional network and potential employers. Topics that JD will cover include:

  • How to position yourself as a high-impact candidate
  • How personal branding drives network strengths
  • How to boost your engagement with decision-makers at target companies
  • How to leverage LinkedIn more effectively in your job search
  • How to engender trust and build credibility through LinkedIn recommendations
  • How to convey your leadership brand on LinkedIn more effectively
 Free Webinars
Presentation Title: It Is Time for a New Job Target
Date:Tuesday, August 28th 
Time: 3:00pm EST (12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST)
   If you’ve been in your job search more than six months with little or no results, it may be time to consider a new job target to put momentum back in your job search. During this session, we will discuss the following:
  • How to determine if it’s you or your target
  • Steps to identify a new target
  • How to market yourself
  • Pros and cons of multiple job targets
To register for these Webinars, go to www.mylynnhazancareer.com and use the following instructions:
1. Select the “Register” tab
2. Fill in the required information and register as a “Job Seeker”
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