3-13-15: In honor of National Pi Day, the next candidate we place gets a pie!


Table of Contents:

  1. Current Job Openings & Sneak Peeks to new positions
  2. Filled Jobs
  3. Webinars- Be Selfish With Your Time-March 16th & Rethink Your Job Search-March 25th
  4. Video- KLM’s Lost and Found Service
  5. Article- 10 Ways to Cultivate Optimism


 A. [NEW] Freelance PR-Chicago Area-B2B PR Agency:

Is PR your passion? Can you pitch effectively? Look no further; Chicago boutique PR agency seeks an eager PR freelancer until June, possibly longer!


B. Product Manager- Health Care-Info Tech-Chicago Health Care-Product Management:

Do you have product management experience in healthcare IT or health insurance? Help bring new products to market in the healthcare IT space.


C. Marketing Director/SR Manager-Information Marketing Company-Chicago:

Are you a marketer with experience in marketing events? If you have a strong understanding for the strategy behind events and their role within the marketing mix, this job is for you!


D. Sneak Peeks- We anticipate getting two new positions

1. Internal Communications to build an internal communications consulting practice for Chicago based company. Details to follow.
2. Marcom Associate-Chicago. Details to follow.



A. Marketing Manager-Real Estate-Chicago
B. Marketing Communications Associate-IT Services- Chicago Area


A. Be Selfish With Your Time
March 16th @ 2:00 pm EST (11:00 am PST, 12:00 pm MST, 1:00 pm CST)

Learn how to stay focused and become selfish with your time so you enjoy greater results. We will discuss the following:

  • Actions that are best use of your time
  • How much time you should actually be on the computer each day
  • What three actions give you the greatest chance of results
  • How to diplomatically handle distractions and demands of others

B. Re-THINK Your Job Search
March 25th @ 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Are you committed to “REACHING FOR EXCELLENCE”? Everyone has the potential to accomplish their goals in the year ahead. This webinar is empowering and offers you an opportunity to have “huge breakthroughs” in your thinking. It’s filled with insights that will support you to shift your mindset wherever you’ve experienced being limited in the past!

YOU ARE THE POWER SOURCE IN YOUR LIFE! This webinar teaches you to take your power back on your job search and everywhere in your life!

Learn how you can use simple systems that allow you to be effective on your job search using a proven process that can turn any frustration and obstacle into an opportunity – on the spot!

  • Learn tips to have a record year including getting back to work FAST!
  • Learn how to create a “world class” personal plan
  • Learn how to put accountability into place immediately! Deadlines get us to move our feet!

To register for the training, you may login to our Career Portal and click on the Webinar Tab. Then click on the event and register by clicking the webinar registration link for each event listed.

Your Login Information is:
URL: www.hrsearchincsite.com
Username: lynn Hazan
Password: (password you selected upon registration)

 4. VIDEO- Customer Service Delivered With A Wag Of The Tail- Watch this innovative service and smile! You will want to fly KLM.


 5. ARTICLE- 10 Ways To Cultivate Optimism-Jody Michael Associates.

Keep these tips handy, especially as a reinforcement tool. Use them to prep before an interview too!