Media Coverage 2009

When Brett Farmiloe graduated from the University of Arizona, he wanted to talk to people who were passionate about their work and to learn how they got to that point. Lynn was one of the 75 people he interviewed in his cross-country trip. His Pursue the Passion project is now summarized in a free e-book, Timeless Advice for the Aspiring Individual. Download it here.

In Helping Hands, Piet Levy discusses what AMA chapters are doing for job-hunting members in this economy. See Lynn’s tips on standing out from the crowd in a sidebar. Published in the March 2009 edition of Marketing News, the American Marketing Association’s national publication.

Lynn was also quoted in the 1.30.09 edition of Marketing News. Click here to download the article on how to stand out from the crowd in your job search.

Click to download Lynn’s article, The Hunt for Quality Candidates, from the January 2009 edition of Interface, a publication of the Chicago chapter of the AMA. This is the full article, from which the above tips were condensed.

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