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Lynn and Falguni

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Candidates who seek new career opportunities appreciate our commitment to long-term relationships. We partner with talent at different levels in their professional and personal development to make successful placements in the Chicago area and nationwide.

We value in-depth interviews and appreciate getting to know our candidates holistically to ensure the best fit. “We use a marketing-driven process focused on the complete candidate” – Lynn Hazan, President. As “relationship recruiters”, we see the benefits firsthand. It’s an exciting and energizing dynamic. We all win!

1. Core Competencies

As a candidate, you want to be represented by a recruiting firm that specializes in your core competencies: communications and marketing.

2. Experience

You have experience working for corporations, agencies, nonprofits, trade associations, or entrepreneurial companies. So do we!

3. Relationship Recruiters

You want to maintain a long-term relationship with us as you grow your skill sets. We are the Relationship Recruiters. We value getting to know you and to placing you.

4. Coaching

You want the best job for the right salary, level of authority, and fit. Our goal as your recruiter of choice is to help you succeed. We have the inside track on our clients. We coach you for success in getting the job offer.

5. Confidential

All of our recruiting work is confidential. Your background and credentials are safe with us. To protect client confidentiality, we only disclose our clients by name after we have presented your credentials.

6. Decades of Excellence

LH&A has a track record of success for 24 years. Lynn has been recruiting for 39 years and Falguni Shah for 10 years.

7. Resume Review

When you apply for a job through LH&A, we help you refine the resume that becomes a marketing document on your behalf. We also provide one-on-one coaching and consulting services to help you ace your interview and win that dream job (and more money)!

8. Updates

We send you our weekly newsletter with job openings and resources – training webinars, networking opportunities, etc.


Send your resume along with the answers to the questions from this link to  or

“I had a very positive experience working with Lynn Hazan & Associates. I was placed almost immediately. Payments were consistently prompt and accurate. Lynn was always responsive and absolutely wonderful to work with. I would recommend anyone who is looking for their next opportunity work with this great agency.”

Mike B, Freelance Creative, for Ad Agency Client

The 5 Ws + H!


Lynn Hazan is a 39-year recruiting veteran with extensive experience working with corporations, agencies, nonprofits, associations, and consulting firms. She helps candidates translate challenges into opportunities.


LH&A offers a variety of individualized seminars to help in your job search or promotion strategies. These workshops are designed to meet your professional needs. Services can be group or one-on-one.


Gain insights and knowledge to be the candidate of choice in a competitive job market.


While we are based in Chicago, thanks to the internet and technology, we are available to work with you virtually, all over the country!


Whenever you need – sessions are set up by appointment.


Contact us to get started by the following link to our contact form!


Lynn Hazan Falguni Shah

“I reached out to Lynn looking to find a new role. Not only did she help me understand how my skill set could be utilized in different roles within the workforce she gave me advice on how to restructure my resume. Before revamping my resume I was applying to jobs and never hearing back. After taking her advice on the types of roles I should apply for my reply rate was 80-90%! I found a role within one month of meeting with her and am forever grateful she took the time to mentor me!”

Stephanie Castillo

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