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Infographic Template

How to Create your Infographic

In-depth directions on information you should use to brand yourself and your skills.

Six Word Story

Your six-word story gives people a concise view of your goals and aspirations for your career, as well as, who you are.

Example: “Dedicated Ecologist, driven to learn/discover.”


Provide a thorough list of your skills and strengths. Marketing your skills is key in pursuing roles in your field.


Skills- “Taxonomic proficiency, Analytical Pivot Table data science exp., GPS (Global Position System) etc…”

Case Stories

Provide samples of your work with summaries of the project and tools/skills used or acquired.


Volunteer Activity

Volunteer activities are important to show employers who you are outside of work. Volunteer activities/activism show your interests, values, and morals.


“Dog fosterer at Wagging Tails, Mentor for Books For Keeps, Frequent Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children.”


Strengths are a combination of soft and hard skills. Expertise and interpersonal capabilities are essential to highlight.


Soft Skills- Interpersonal skills that are used in collaboration with others 

“Communication, Leadership, Multitasking, Problem Solving, Networking, Creativity, Relationship Building, etc…”

Hard Skills- Abilities that require expertise and training 

“CRM, Excel, Google tools, Data analytics using Pivot tables/ Python, and Adobe Illustrator”

Favorite Sayings

Include your favorite sayings/Quotes to add a personal touch to your infographic. Use quotes to show people your personality, motivations, and spirit.


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

* shows your open to new experiences and you value change

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