Candidate Services

“We use a marketing-driven process focused on the complete candidate”— Lynn Hazan, President.

What: LH&A offers a variety of individualized seminars to help in your job search or promotion strategies. These workshops are designed to meet your professional needs. Services can be group or one-on-one.

Fee-Based Services:

  • Empowered Job Seeker : complete package includes Interviewing, Job Search Strategies, Networking, and Resume Review. Can also be customized— 3 hours total, 1.5 hours each session, $300
  • Interviewing Skills : sharpen your interview skills to land that perfect job, practice tough interview questions, and learn how to negotiate on your own behalf— 1 hour, $150
  • Job Search Strategies: networking, professional associations, raising visibility/profile, subject matter expertise, content development, and social media tools (LinkedIn & Twitter)— 1 hour, $150
  • Online and Offline Networking : leverage your relationships, knowledge, and industry experience to advance your career. —1 hour, $150
  • Resume Review: transform your resume into one that will get you results—1 hour
  • Custom Session (bring your Q&A)— 1 hour, $150

Who: LynnHazan is a 34-year recruiting veteran with extensive experience working with corporations, PR and ad agencies, and consulting firms. She helps candidates translate challenges into opportunities.

Why: Gain insights and knowledge to be the candidate of choice in a competitive job market.

When: Sessions are set up by appointment.

Where: 79 W. Monroe St., Ste. 1308, Chicago, IL 60603

Free Services:

What: Free online portal from LH&A. Services include:

  • Access to more than 1,000+ job boards
  • Weekly free job seeker webinars with Q&A
  • Free job search resources
  • Comprehensive resume review
  • Leading experts and resources
  • Library with audio, articles, and recorded webinars

How: Register at