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Tips from a Recruiter

Tips for 2023: A Recruiter's Perspective by Lynn Hazan

The recruiting landscape is always changing. Candidates need to skill up to stand out. Here are a few tips from veteran recruiter, Lynn Hazan on how to navigate this competitive market.

Pay Transparency Laws Are Here. Use These 5 Tips to Look at Salary Ranges:

Pay transparency laws are rolling out in many U.S. states and cities (Colorado was first in 2021). These laws require employers to share minimum and maximum salary estimates directly on the job description. Pay transparency stands to narrow the persistent pay gap between white men and women and people of color, and help companies improve employee satisfaction and retention by providing much-needed clarity around compensation.


Mark Wallin

DOL’s proposed rule may narrow the path for independent contractors:

Are those workers full-fledged employees entitled to the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or are they independent contractors? The answer to this question may change if the U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed rule concerning independent contractor classification is adopted.


Can't Ask Salary

Can’t Ask Salary: How Can Employers Know Candidates’ Worth?

Illinois Governor Pritzker recently passed a law (reported in Chicago Tribune: August 1, 2019) outlawing employers from asking candidates about their current or past salaries. This ban is effective immediately. The penalty for asking about salaries goes up to $10,000. The new law puts the burden on hiring managers to determine the potential employee’s worth.

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