Candidate Testimonials

Zihang Ding – Capital Markets Department Employee

“Lynn is who comes to mind when I think about the best recruiter in the Chicago area. I had the pleasure of working with her for 6 months in 2017 as a marketing intern. Above all, I was impressed with Lynn’s ability to really understand how to get the best out of people. And, of course, her superb communication skills and approachable demeanor would be true assets for any job hunter. it’s without hesitation that I recommend Lynn.”

Rich Cruz – Director of Marketing Operations and Former Client

“Lynn helped me to focus my message and personal brand in my career search. Her tips regarding the use of LinkedIn, the ‘care and feeding’ of my resume, and the mindset required to attain my goals added the necessary mojo I needed to take my career to the next level. There are lessons learned which I’ll carry through my professional life. Lynn’s story is absolutely interesting and part of what makes her unique among recruiters, speakers, and leaders. I highly recommend working with her. Elle est une professionnelle extraordinaire!”

David Romza – Engineering Project Manager

“I recently attended a Career Conference hosted by the PMI Chicagoland Chapter, where Lynn was one of the featured presenters. Lynn’s presentation – “How to Position Yourself as the Candidate of Choice for a Job in Project Management” was absolutely, tremendous. It was chock full of great information and advice that one can take and apply immediately. She was able to present the material in a way that kept everyone very engaged. The hour-long presentation felt like it only lasted minutes and I was disappointed that we could not have spent more time together. Lynn was exceptional during the Q & A portion of the presentation where she provided answers without hesitation and gave examples to demonstrate her point. If you ever get an opportunity to attend one of her presentations, I suggest that you take advantage of it.”

Deborah Labb – Communications Leader

“Lynn and I recently connected on LinkedIn, via a mutual friend. In a short time, Lynn already has provided guidance, insights, and recommendations as I pursue the next chapter in my career. She is knowledgeable, connected, friendly, and professional. And her weekly newsletter provides relevant information as well as job openings. I look forward to a fruitful partnership with Lynn and encourage others to do the same.”

Robert K. Elder – Chief Digital Officer

“Lynn Hazan is a superstar. Her sage advice is invaluable, as is her warmth and humanity. Lynn isn’t just in the recruiting business, she’s in the people business. She’s been both a recruiter for me and a guest panelist for the Chicago Headline Club when I was its president. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Shruti Iyer – Candidate for Business Analytics

“Lynn and I recently connected through KMG for an interview. I had an amazing experience working with her. The kind of energy she brings on to the table is contagious. She is extremely sincere, detail oriented and patient. She focuses on improving students’ professional skills along with promoting a healthy symbiotic relationship while working. She is one of the finest, most transparent and experienced recruiters out there in Chicago. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with Lynn in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any student/ job seeker to get in contact with her for advancement in their careers.”

Mark Sambor – Candidate

“I just recently have had the opportunity to start working with Lynn and thus far have been impressed with her expertise and strategies for supporting both her candidates and her clients. Lynn is passionate about her work and uses that passion to build long term relationships. I look forward to working with Lynn, not just for my next opportunity, but knowing that she will be a partner for the rest of my career.”

Francine Werdinger – Marketing and Branding Leader

“Not only has Lynn placed me in a previous job that was perfectly in line with my skill set – with a nice promotion to boot – I continue to rely on her for what’s happening in the marketplace. Lynn is completely tuned in to both employer needs as well as with the individual she is placing. Every time I meet someone who has worked with Lynn, their experience has been positive as well. She has a ton of integrity.”

Irene D. Ferradaz, MPA – Senior Media Representative at Chicago Transit Authority

“Lynn Hazan’s in-depth knowledge of the media and communications landscape in Chicago was an invaluable resource to me as I looked to further my career. Her resume assistance helped me score dozens of in-person interviews and ultimately, led me to obtain my dream job. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone in the field who is looking to strengthen their knowledge and skills or advance in their career. Thank you, Lynn!”

Kevin Corcoran – Scientific Writer

“Here’s the difference it made having Lynn working on my behalf: of all the applications I sent out on my own, none got me an interview. Lynn identified three positions that I was a good fit for that I hadn’t seen on the big job search sites and helped me customize my resume for each position. Two of the three asked me in for an interview, and now I have a full-time position. I cannot overstate the value that Lynn brought to the table by advocating on my behalf.”