Current Interns

Naphat Sangsab 

Hometown: Chanthaburi, Thailand

Education: Graduated from DePaul University

Major: M.S in Marketing Analysis

Career Aspirations: To become a professional market researcher in the CPG industry.



Why LH&A:

  • To develop my writing and communication skills
  • To gain new experience in the human resources industry
  • To expand my marketing knowledge

My Six-Word Story: Detail-oriented plus patience equal success

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Getting Things Right (Structured)
  2. Giving Care (Social)
  3. Managing Things (Enterprising)
  4. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
  5. Researching Things (Investigative)



Elvina Ibricic

Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa

Education: DePaul University

Major: Marketing

Career Aspirations: To become a professional marketing consultant


Why LH&A:

  • To gain some insight into a consulting firm
  • To network with a variety of people
  • To build my communication skills

My Six-Word Story: To learn, to create, to grow

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Creating Things (Artistic)
  2. Organizing Things (Structured)
  3. Adding Humor (Artistic)
  4. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  5. Making Connections (Investigative)


Fiona Noonan

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Education: DePaul University

Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Career Aspirations: Public Relations Director or Marketing Communications Director  


Why LH&A:

  • Gain insight into the consulting world
  • Polish my writing and editing skills
  • Network and learn from talented and driven people 

My Six-Word Story: Stay focused, patient, everything in time.

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Making Connections (Investigative) 
  2. Building Relationships (Social) 
  3. Advancing Ideas (Investigative) 
  4. Designing Things (Artistic)
  5. Persuading People (Enterprising)


Damon J Silvert

Hometown: Northbrook IL, United States

Education: Columbia College Chicago

Major: Marketing Communications

Career Aspirations: To become a Healthcare Public Relations Director


Why LH&A:

  • To further develop my communication and marketing skills
  • To gain new experience and grow as a learner within the consulting world
  • To network and learn from skilled and passionate people

My Six-Word Story: Discipline, Dedication, Patience, good will come

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Creating Things (Artistic)
  2. Giving Care (Social)
  3. Building Relationships (Social)
  4. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  5. Making Connections (Investigative)

Sydney Ingrassia

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Education: Loyola University of Chicago

Major: Creative Advertising

Career Aspirations: To become a copywriter at an advertising agency



Why LH&A:

  • to grow my communications skills.
  • to advance my writing ability.
  • to learn more about people in the industry.

My Six-Word Story: Learning doesn’t stop unless you do.

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Adding Humor (Artistic)
  2. Bringing Joy (Social)
  3. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
  4. Making Things Work (Realistic)
  5. Creating Things (Artistic)


Diana Ayala

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Education: Aurora University

Major: Communications and Professional Writing

Career Aspirations: To become a Communications Director or Social Media Director



Why LH&A:

  • to enhance my writing and communication skills 
  • to network and connect with various people
  • to gain experiences and knowledge in growing industries

My Six-Word Story: Easygoing philomath, whose optimistic and humble

My Five Calling Cards: 

    1. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
    2. Researching Things (Investigative)
    3. Getting to the Heart of Matters (Investigative)
    4. Getting Things Right (Structured)
    5. Translating Things (Investigative)

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