Current Interns


Fiona Noonan

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Education: DePaul University

Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Career Aspirations: Public Relations Director or Marketing Communications Director  


Why LH&A:

  • Gain insight into the consulting world
  • Polish my writing and editing skills
  • Network and learn from talented and driven people 

My Six-Word Story: Stay focused, patient, everything in time.

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Making Connections (Investigative) 
  2. Building Relationships (Social) 
  3. Advancing Ideas (Investigative) 
  4. Designing Things (Artistic)
  5. Persuading People (Enterprising)


Carley Kolodziej

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: DePaul University

Major: Digital Marketing

Career Aspirations: To become a Project Manager or Social Media Director




Why LH&A:

  • To open the door to new experiences
  • To expand my knowledge of the marketing world
  • To enhance my creativity skills

My Six-Word Story: Open to new experiences and change

My Five Calling Cards: 

    1. Persuading People (Enterprising)
    2. Designing Things (Artistic)
    3. Giving Care (Social)
    4. Adding Humor (Artistic)
    5. Making Connections (Investigation)


Lily Lowndes

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Education: DePaul University

Major: Public Relations & Advertising

Career Aspirations: Copywriter or Account Director





Why LH&A:

  • To find new opportunities for growth
  • To enhance my technology skills
  • To build my professional portfolio

My Six-Word Story: Creative listener building productive idea-based conversation

My Five Calling Cards: 

    1. Exploring the Way (Enterprising)
    2. Advancing Ideas (Investigative)
    3. Making Things Work (Realistic)
    4. Writing Things (Artistic)
    5. Creating Things (Artistic)

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Provider and Connector


Claire Hawk

HometownCleveland, OH

Education: DePaul University

Major: Organizational Communication, minor in Psychology

Career Aspirations: To work in Human Resources and the communication industry.



Why LH&A:

  • To gain the experience needed to be successful in my field
  • Learn more about the world of executive recruiting
  • Push myself to grow and improve
  • Learn more about myself and my strengths

My Six Word Story: Motivated connection maker, loves new experiences.

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Giving Care (Social)
  2. Building Relationships (Social)
  3. Helping Overcome Obstacles (Social)
  4. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
  5. Making Connection (Investigative)

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Creator and Teacher


Charlie Irvine

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Education: Indiana University

Major: Marketing

Career Aspirations: Marketing and advertising






Why LH&A:

  • To improve and refine my research skills
  • To gain firsthand experience in a career environment
  • To put my technical skills to the test
  • To expand my professional portfolio

My Six-Word Story: Positive young man with great potential

My Five Calling Cards: 

  1. Bringing joy (Social)
  2. Writing things (Artistic)
  3. Adding humor (Artistic)
  4. Solving problems (Realistic)
  5. Awakening spirit (Social)

Standout Profile: A provider and a pioneer



EJ Haas

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Education: University of Missouri – Columbia

Career Aspirations: To continue my career as an author and advance as a journalist.






Why LH&A:

  • To grow my skills as an intern
  • To expand my knowledge within strategic communications
  • To develop my professional connection abilities
  • To explore creative options within a work setting.

Sixword Story: Work all day, study at night!

Calling Cards:

  1. Solving problems (realistic)
  2. Advancing ideas (investigative)
  3. Getting things right (structured)
  4. Creating things (artistic)
  5. Shaping environments (realistic)



Urja Mehta

Hometown: Gurnee, IL

Education: DePaul University

Major: Marketing Concentration Digital Marketing

Career Aspirations: Become a marketing expert in creative/artistic industries





Why LH&A:

  • Learn and foster new marketing skills
  • Gain real-world experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Work on my written communication skills

My Six-Word Story: Eager marketing enthusiast, ready to learn!

My Five Calling Cards:

  • Seeing the big picture (artistic)
  • Getting to the heart of matters (investigation)
  • Solving Problems (realistic)
  • Starting Things (enterprising)
  • Building relationships (social)

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Equalizer and Teacher


Mandy Zhu

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: Northwestern University

Major: Economics

Career Aspirations: To become a Brand Marketing Director






Why LH&A:

  • Gain insight into the world of Digital Marketing and HR
  • Build on my resume and professional portfolio
  • Improve and polish my writing skills
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities

My Six-Word Story:Avid learner driven to produce excellence

My Five Calling Cards:

  • Building Relationships (Social)
  • Making Connections (Investigative)
  • Organizing Things (Structural)
  • Adding Humor (Artistic)
  • Making Things Work (Realistic)

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Creative and Teacher

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