Current Interns

Xiaoxuan(Rue) Wang

Hometown: Nanning, China

  • Education: DePaul University 
  • Major: M.S in Marketing

    Career Aspirations:
    To become a professional digital marketer in marketing field

    Why LH&A:
  • To gain hand-on experience in marketing and communication areas
  • To apply knowledge and learn new skill sets

My Six Word Story: digital marketer with optimism and curiosity.

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Bringing Joy (Social)
  2. Getting to the Heart of Matters (Investigative)
  3. Creating Trust (Social)
  4. Making Things Work (Realistic)
  5. Organizing Things (Structured)

Dayna DeMeritte

Hometown: Broomfield, Colorado

  • Education: University of Denver 
  • Major: M.S. Marketing

    Career Aspirations:
    To become a professional in product management in a marketing field

    Why LH&A:
  • Be able to understand marketing in a variety of industries which can be obtained the the recruiting field 
  • Deepen my skills in the technical component of marketing

My Six Word Story: continuous curiosity, energetic listener, ask questions.

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Managing Things (Enterprising)
  2. Building Relationships (Social)
  3. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
  4. Investigating Things (Investigative)
  5. Exploring the Way (Enterprising)

Ekaterina Frolova

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

  • Education: Loyola University Chicago
  • Major: M.S. in Global Strategic Communications

    Career Aspirations: To become an exceptional professional in global marketing communications.

    Why LH&A:
  • Be able to get hands-on experience in recruitment and communications areas
  • Expand my technical skills and learn more about working with CRM and email marketing systems

My Six Word Story: Exceptional: Global marketing professional in the making 

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Giving Care (Social)
  2. Straightening Things Up (Structured)
  3. Empowering Others (Enterprising)
  4. Analyzing Information (Investigative)
  5. Helping Overcome Obstacles (Social)

Kyoko Bassett



Hometown: Okayama, Japan

  • Education: DePaul University ‒ Charles H. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
  • Major: Marketing

    Career Aspirations: To become a professional in global brand marketing

    Why LH&A:
  • A chance to work with intelligent, smart, passionate, and motivated people
  • Access to mentors like Lynn I can learn from
  • The opportunity to add new tools to my toolbox
  • An opportunity to work on projects that matter

My Six Word Story: Be adaptable, confident, likable, funny, myself.

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Bringing Joy (Social)
  2. Creating Things (Artistic)
  3. Analyzing Information (Investigative)
  4. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  5. Doing the numbers (Structured)