Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH+A) Announces New Partnership with Emeritus.


LH&A, executive recruiting firm in communications and marketing, is very excited to announce our new collaboration with Emeritus. This partnership will provide new dimensions and resources for our job openings and expand our reach to find extraordinary talent. President Lynn Hazan explains that “the courses that Emeritus offers are in direct alignment with the technology, data, digital, and marketing jobs we recruit for”. 

Emeritus offers effective online courses and certificate programs in collaboration with Northwestern University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley, and other prestigious universities across the U.S. and globally.

Emeritus’ programs include Digital Marketing & Finance, Data Science & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with the purpose to jumpstart or boost your career. 

Emeritus learners are mentored, coached, and taught by leading industry experts across the globe. These programs are available for candidates who may be early in their careers or already experienced professionals looking to enhance their skill sets. 

How does this partnership work? Learners from Emeritus will have access to LH+A job openings, and can apply using LH+A as a referred contact.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Emeritus to offer our job openings for candidates who are staying on top of the new technology and skill sets.” In addition to receiving job listings, Emeritus learners can attend exclusive presentations from Lynn Hazan herself. 

Interested in fulfilling a certificate program? Investigate Emeritus. Gain long term expertise to enhance your career. Join the affordable and accessible programs that Emeritus provides!



Emeritus / LH&A Collaboration Events


How to Brand Yourself as the Candidate of Choice – Special presentation in collaboration with Emeritus exclusively for Emeritus learners

On July 28, 2022,  Lynn Hazan, President of the relationship recruiting firm, Lynn Hazan & Associates, and intern, Violette Frangos, an incoming Senior at the University of Illinois, will co-present to the Emeritus community: How to Brand Yourself as the Candidate of Choice” during a job search. 

This presentation will cover how to help you stand out through a 6-word story & your positioning statement. Learn about your strengths and the Marcus Buckingham assessment. Other personalized activities will showcase how to market yourself as the candidate of choice. 

In this changing job market, technical skills are in high demand. Learners with Emeritus certificates will contribute added value to employers. Exclusive for Emeritus learners. Join us for this interactive presentation and learn more about your personal brand. Register here.