Employer Services

LH&A specializes in relationship recruiting – we get to know the people we work with to make sure every fit is right.

Full time, part-time, temp-to-perm, virtual and project-based assignments.

Recently, LH&A has made a lot of adaptations to changing times.  While we have specialized in Communications and Marketing in the past, we now also work with MedComm agencies, Digital Agencies, Consulting, Data Science, and more.

Why Hire Lynn Hazan & Associates?

Our Process and Benefits to You, the Client:

  1. Our goal is to make the best possible match between clients’ needs and candidates’ credentials to make the best fit by thoroughly determining the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the company.
  2. All of our work is strictly confidential.
  3. We go beyond the specs on the job description. We view the position holistically, from both internal and external perspectives.
  4. We value feedback. The more we communicate, the better the process and results.
  5. Deadline driven. We understand the need to deliver results in a timely manner.
  6. Rule of Three: We aim to present the candidate of choice within the first three resumes. To provide the perfect candidate and ultimate hire, we prioritize feedback and communication on both sides to address any changes in recruiting strategy.
  7. We participate and contribute knowledge, experience, and leadership to marketing and communication fields.

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