Mary S

“Starting a new career can often be fraught, often happening because of very difficult or extenuating circumstances. Lynn thinks outside the box making job hunting fun, joyfully turning it into a personal journey. She delivers excellent results because she works with who you are and what you would like to do and matches that with what is being looked for. Meanwhile you are thinking in ways that make this process interesting and effective. You are making a positive life change. Do not take that ‘grab and go job’ but: let’s all rewrite the American landscape with vision, passion and a love for what we do: let’s create solutions before the problem arises. How? We have thought outside our parameters and pursued things we enjoy. Lynn is celebrating 37 years of recruiting excellence.”

Michael S (User Experience Architect)

“I never believed in the value of working with a job coach until I met Lynn….I was offered what I thought was a perfect opportunity. After working with Lynn, I quickly discovered that this was not the case. Lynn’s advice and guidance saved me from accepting a job that would put a large financial and travel strain on me and my family. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone looking for guidance on their next opportunity!”

Meredith Nelson – MBA, MPH, DASM

Wow! What a great presentation Lynn gave at the PMI Chicagoland Career Conference 2020! Her session was engaging, energetic, practical, and the participants gave a raving review! You can tell she really enjoys what she does as a recruiter and the presentation was thoughtful about giving practical advice for job seekers transitioning within their field. It was great! She is responsive, puts a great deal of care into researching her slides, and has a fun spirit. I would highly recommend Lynn as a speaker and collaborator.

Shruti Iyer

Lynn and I recently connected through KMG for an interview. I had an amazing experience working with her. The kind of energy she brings on to the table is contagious. She is extremely sincere, detail oriented and patient. She focuses on improving students’ professional skills along with promoting a healthy symbiotic relationship while working. She is one of the finest, most transparent and experienced recruiters out there in Chicago. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with Lynn in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any student/ job seeker to get in contact with her for advancement in their careers. 

Robert K. Elder – Chief Digital Officer at Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences

“Lynn Hazan is a superstar. Her sage advice is invaluable, as is her warmth and humanity. Lynn isn’t just in the recruiting business, she’s in the people business. She’s been both a recruiter for me and a guest panelist for the Chicago Headline Club when I was its president. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Steve Ford – Regional Development Director at Taylor University

“Beyond great in her top-notch talent management work, Lynn is simply a joy to be and work with. Her big, fun personality attracts gifted prospects — and she helped me recruit several difference-makers in my role as CCMO. If your HR team is missing the mark or over-extended as mine was, and you want a personalized, professional touch at getting the ideal person for your team, you need to talk to Lynn. Lynn has been a blessing to me and my team — and I’m hoping she might be for you too.”

Michelle Robin, NCRW, CPRW – Executive Job Search Consultant

“There is no other recruiter who preps their candidates as well as Lynn. She is a natural at matching the right talent to the right position. I was both a candidate and client of Lynn’s and now I am proud to say a colleague. Her endless energy makes her a great partner to employers who have trouble finding the right fit for open positions.”