Journey to Real Vision

Journey to Real Vision

Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH+A) Announces New Partnership With Journey To Real Vision.

LH&A, executive recruiting firm in communications and marketing, is very excited to announce our new collaboration with Chris Shaffer at Journey To Real Vision. This partnership will provide new dimensions and resources for our job openings and expand our reach to find extraordinary talent. 

Journey to Real Vision specializes in self-discovery coaching and knowing your worth. Through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, mini-courses, and workshops, she offers individuals the opportunity to:

  • become the best version of themselves
  • maximize their potential
  • understand their worth
  • create a more balanced life

Her coaching is based on guiding and supporting individuals to discover more about themselves. Chris works with clients to create intentions and uncovers any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back in life. All coaching sessions start with individuals identifying their strengths & determining their core values, which are the foundations for knowing their worth.

LinkedIn: Chris Shaffer | LinkedIn

You will be able to participate in her webinars and take advantage of the resources to help you on your personal growth journey.

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