Executive Recruitment, Career Consulting, Workshops & Seminars

For job seekers, employers and organizations
Lynn Hazan & Associates Recruiting Services
  • Executive Recruitment: For job seekers and hiring managers

    Full time, temp, temp-to perm and project based assignments for virtual and on-site roles. We work with corporate, entrepreneurial, start-ups, public and private companies. We also recruit for trade/professional associations and non-profits.

    • Career Consulting:

      Support services for small groups and individuals to enhance marketability. We provide companies professional development assistance to help their former employees activate a job search. We offer the structure, strategy and support to assist candidates in adapting to a changing job market quickly and maximizing their results.

    • Workshops & Seminars:

      Custom designed to meet your interests/needs. Topics include:

      • The Brand You: Creating Demand for Your Talent
      • The Resume: Key to Candidate Success
      • Hot Jobs: The Jobs of the Future Are Now
      • Leveraging LinkedIn
      • Storytelling as A Leadership Tool
      • The Art and Science of Negotiation- Creating a Win-Win
      • Internships: The Inside Track to a Great Job
      • Infographics: Your Key to Visual Storytelling
      • Transitioning from Academia to Industry: Workshops for PhDs
      • Leadership: The Human Factor At Work

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