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Lynn Hazan presenting
LH Presenting for US Army in South Carolina

Interested in booking a customized workshop with Lynn (virtually or in person)? She is happy to discuss a presentation topic that meets the needs of your audience.

LH&A workshops and seminars are designed to help job seekers enhance their careers on the right foot. We provide professional development assistance for individuals to move their careers upward, to add more value to their current and future employers and customers.

Lynn has presented workshops for USARCENT (U.S. Army Central), the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), Women in BioCHIentistChicago Women in STEM, the postdoctoral chapter at Northwestern UniversityUniversity of Illinois in Chicago and University of Chicago. She is also active in creating interactive workshops for career education at University of Maryland, Baltimore , University of California, Irvine, DePaul University, Columbia College of Chicago, Aurora University, etc.

Workshops And Seminars topics:
  1.  Happiness At Work: Three-Part Series
  2. Storytelling Through Resume for Career Success
  3. LinkedIn and Networking
  4. Four Generations at Work: Challenges & Opportunities
  5. Networking: How & Why it’s important
  6. Leadership: The Human Factor at Work
  7. Transitioning From Academia to Industry: Workshops for PhDs
  8. How to Brand Yourself as The Candidate of Choice
  9. Tips on Acing the Interview
  10. Storytelling: The Magic Spice to Communications
  11. “Hierarchy of influence” using LinkedIn
  12. How to Work with a Recruiter
  13. The Jobs of the Future Are Now
  14. Negotiation: The Art & Science of Win, Win, Win
  15. Skill Up and Stand Out
  16. Your Talent + Brand = Career Success

Lynn has customized workshops for NSENGEmeritus, and the  Project Management Institute of Chicagoland.

LinkedIn & Networking

Workshop in partnership with Women In Bio on LinkedIn & Networking

Lynn Hazan, one of the 11 Networlding Honorees of 2024, will discuss the vital role of networking and LinkedIn in the career sphere. In her presentation, Lynn will provide tips on how to enhance your unique persona on LinkedIn; understand the human factor at work; and create content that positions you as a subject matter expert. Lynn will also have a booth at the job fair.

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024
Time: 5:30 pm CT
Location: Northwestern Bio-Medical Center, Chicago

Happiness at work - Part 1 (people centric approach)

Happiness At Work: A People-Centric Approach

Educational partner Emeritus presented a workshop with Lynn Hazan and her interns, Madhuram Ravichandran & Ellie Zeppelin. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, finding joy and fulfillment in our professional lives is essential for overall well-being and productivity. During this engaging session, we delved into the key factors contributing to work happiness. Our expert speaker shared insights on fostering a culture of collaboration, nurturing employee well-being, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. This webinar was designed to provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways. A great way to embark on a journey towards creating a workplace where happiness is not just a goal but a sustainable reality.


NSENG webinar: “How to Work More Effectively With a Talent Recruiter”

Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan & Associates, shared her perspectives based on decades of recruiting experience, and here are a few of the topics she addressed:

– What a recruiter looks for in qualified candidates
– The process a recruiter uses to arrive at their top 3 candidate
– Resume and interviewing tips that separate you from other candidates
– What industries, jobs, and skills are trending
– What candidate values are important to a recruiter
– How to create more visibility and credibility with a recruiter
– How an external recruiter interacts with the hiring company

On-demand recording can be purchased here: 

Storytelling In Business

Storytelling in Business: The Spice That Works

Unlock the power of storytelling and transform your communication skills in this immersive webinar. Lynn Hazan, co-presenter Madhuram Ravichandran, and educational partner Emeritus showcased stories that make an impact. They reviewed “case stories“ that touch the heart and soul concerning identity, collaboration, knowledge exchange, and perspective in storytelling. Attendees learned how you can use storytelling to be a powerful communicator. An interactive session with practical tips and real-world examples that transformed how you communicate and connect with others. An opportunity to become a storyteller extraordinaire!

Attendees: Job Seekers, Marketers, Business Leaders, Sales Professionals, Educators, Content Creators, Public Speakers, and Anyone Seeking Personal Growth!

USARCENT Networking workshop

Networking: How & Why it’s important

Lynn Hazan with her intern, Madhuram Ravichandran conceptualized, designed, and built an interactive workshop on “Networking: How & Why it’s important – The human factor at work” for USARCENT at Shaw Army Airforce Base, SC.

The presentation touched on many facets of networking including leveraging strengths, affinity groups, how to be a successful networker, etc. The strategy and benefits of networking were discussed within the military context to enable participants (army leaders, civilians, soldiers,  etc.) develop their unique human factor. The workshop also addressed prime topics like the importance of networking for women in the military to accelerate their career trajectory. This is a rare & insightful workshop unraveling the role of human relationships for professionals in the war zone too!

WIB Leadership The Human Factor At Work

Leadership: The Human Factor at Work

Lynn Hazan and intern, Sarah Nelson, co-facilitated an interactive, live workshop on August 10, 2023. This workshop was with Women in Bio’s mentor-mentee program.

Lynn and Sarah covered topics such as leadership, knowing yourself as a leader, styles of leadership, and being a woman in the workplace.

We were thrilled to model the mentor-mentee relationship as we presented with Women in Bio’s mentors & mentees!

Brand Yourself As Candidate Of Choice

How to Brand Yourself to Create Demand for Your  Talent

This interactive workshop is specially designed for experienced professionals who are seeking new jobs or promotions. Learn how to create demand for your talent through LinkedIn, creating content, positioning yourself as a subject matter expert (SME), revising your resume, learning techniques about branding, creating your 6 word story, and more.

This program has been successfully used for candidates to enhance their prospects of getting promoted and/or changing to new jobs.


Transitioning from Academia to Industry

You’ve earned your PhD, PharmD, MD, MA, MS (pick your degree). You have great academic experience; gained valuable skill sets working in the lab; you won grants for your research; you have been published.

You are now ready to leverage your experience into industry. The business world values your credentials. Learn how to market your most valuable assets for business settings. These can include marketing, advertising and PR agencies, corporations, professional associations and non-profits. Discover the best fit for your skills and talents. In this experiential workshop,

Lynn Hazan has taken participants through a series of exercises to uncover candidates’ strengths, cultural fit and personal brands. Interview prep makes this workshop highly interactive and fun. A complimentary resource kit is also included.

This workshop was successfully led for participants at the University of CA/Irvine, University of MD/Baltimore, Women in Bio and Northwestern Post Doctoral Association.

“Lynn’s presentation on “What’s Hot on the Job Market? : Q4 2023 – 24″ was loaded with a treasure trove of valuable information. Her in-depth analysis, coupled with engaging visuals, provided a clear snapshot of the ever-evolving job landscape. The attendees left feeling well-informed and ready to navigate the future of employment with confidence.”

Tony Paolella

Co-Founder & Lead Host, Tony P's Networking Events

🌟 I’m still savoring the incredible experience with Lynn Hazan at the 2023 Career Development Conference📚

Lynn is the Founder and President of Lynn Hazan & Associates with more than 38 years of experience in the recruiting business.

Lynn shared the invaluable session on “Storytelling Through Your Resume for Career Success.” The depth of her knowledge is truly remarkable, and the information she delivered during one hour was more impactful than reading a couple of books or scouring various sources or videos.

I’m eagerly anticipating more opportunities to learn from Lynn in the future. Her speaking engagements are more than just learning experiences. I anticipate new information and exciting events where Lynn will be a speaker, making each learning encounter more than amazing🌐🎓

Tetiana Danyltsiv

SMM Specialist & Content Creator

“Lynn Hazan thank you for the inspiring words….. thanks for being THE MOST ENERGETIC SPEAKER …. Learned a lot from your session.. your session was thought-provoking and inspired me to start making my resume as my story rather than a generic professional summary like 1000s of others resumes… I liked your exercises on making 6-word sentences for myself and my organizational behavior. I am more than inclined to make my resume better with your guidance and insights.

Indrasena Ageer

Community Outreach Project Manager, Project Management Institute

“I attended the 2023 Career Development Conference yesterday hosted by the Chicagoland Chapter of PMILynn Hazan of Lynn Hazan & Associates gave an energetic presentation called “Storytelling Through Your Resume for Career Success” that was incredible!  I’m now working on my own six-word story that leads into an Enterprise story to build my own best version of my resume for my next opportunity.  Thanks Lynn for your guidance and the added energy I needed in my search process. I’m ready to rewrite everything this morning!!”

Robert Borger

PMP Plainfield, IL

A Branding Workshop Testimonial

“Lynn’s personal branding workshop was great. I really enjoyed it and learned several new ways of distilling my experience. I was able to put some of it into practice the next day during a phone interview — I had a case story at the ready. I also enjoyed “Calling Cards” and have shared the exercise with two friends. I always find Lynn’s input and advice to be so helpful.”

Kerry O’Rourke

MPH – Research Specialist, Shriners Hospitals for Children Chicago (Participant)

“Lynn and I met at the PMI Chicagoland Career Conference in December of 2022. She was one of the presenters and did an excellent job speaking with enthusiasm, keeping everyone’s undivided attention, and sharing interesting facts and tips about careers in project management. I had a lot of takeaways from her talk and have already been utilizing the resources she provided.”

Caitlin Morris (workshop participant)

“Thank you very much for hosting tonight’s webinar, I really enjoyed and appreciated the knowledge I gained. The part of this process that I’ve enjoyed the most is the learning – as well as meeting successful industry folks like yourself – and this evening’s seminar exemplified that perfectly. What resonated was the importance and impact of tailoring your résumé to the job specs is one. It’s an example of that little bit extra effort it requires to make yourself stand out. Using this time to sharpen my technical skills is another. There were many others as well!”

A.R. (workshop participant)

“Lynn, thank you for a wonderful session tonight. I truly got a lot out of it and appreciate you taking the time to help me and others. I’m now working on the assessment suggestions you provided to refine my search for specific roles and target companies. You always put growth and development of your candidates and clients first to cultivate the most successful connections. I’m looking forward to getting the resource kit from the webinar to incorporate more tips and tricks. Thank you!” 

M.S. (workshop participant)


I recently attended Lynn’s webinar on ‘how to work more effectively with a recruiter’ and was blown away by her profound knowledge of the subject matter. I was particularly impressed by the strategies she offers to overcome the differences between recruiter and candidate and bring harmony and common ground to each one’s expectations. I highly recommend her webinars and I’m preparing to work with her one-on-one, too. Thank you, Lynn!

Clara Tomaz, Media Manager, The Art Center 

Lynn and I recently connected through KMG for an interview. I had an amazing experience working with her. The kind of energy she brings on to the table is contagious. She is extremely sincere, detail oriented and patient. She focuses on improving students’ professional skills along with promoting a healthy symbiotic relationship while working. She is one of the finest, most transparent and experienced recruiters out there in Chicago. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with Lynn in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any student/ job seeker to get in contact with her for advancement in their careers. 

Shruti Iyer, KMG

How to Brand Yourself as The Candidate of Choice Testimonial

I was in Julie’s Writing For PR class. I’ve attended quite a few “resume building” seminars in the past few months, as I’m looking for marketing internships. Learned the most from yours, hands down. Thank you for sharing your well of knowledge.

Jonah R, DePaul Student with Professor Julie Ferguson

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