Intern Testimonials

Kelsi Cornett – Marketing & Recruiting at Depaul University

“I have learned unique ways to brand myself to reflect my core competencies with tools like: My Six Word Story and My Five Calling Cards. Most importantly, I have learned how to bring value to future employers through mastering software and social media platforms like Constant Contact, WordPress, and LinkedIn.”

Chi Nguyen – MS. Marketing Analysis Candidate at DePaul University

“I had a wonderful time working at Lynn Hazan & Associates. Lynn is a brilliant, inspirational, hard-working leader and mentor. Not only did I gain valuable insights into the recruiting industry while working with her, but I also mastered many technical tools such as WordPress, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. On top of that, I got a chance to enhance social media as well as graphic design skills. Great internship for Marketing students!”

Nandani Dangayach – Digital Marketing Major

“I had a wonderful experience working as a marketing intern at Lynn Hazan and Associates. I gained knowledge of the recruiting industry and various social tools like WordPress, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. The internship offers flexible hours, class credit, and a great mentor like Lynn to work under. I am thankful to Lynn for giving me the opportunity.”

Kelly Jacobson – Communications Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Lynn has been such an incredible mentor to me during, and even after, my internship experience with her. The time and effort she put into each intern’s career planning and personal development was not only remarkable but also extremely appreciated by all. She is such a caring and passionate individual for the fields she operates in that it not only inspires me but also is a constant reminder of why I want to work in communications and public relations. I will never forget my experience with Lynn and she has definitely helped shape me into the professional I am today. There are no words sufficient enough to thank her for all the support and mentorship she has given me.”

Steven Hesky – Leighton Broadcasting

“I interned at Lynn Hazan and Associates during my senior year Winter Break of college. In that short period of time, I gained valuable experiences that allowed me to be the best candidate for my current job. Lynn taught me how to effectively network with professionals in the industry. For example, she showed me how to choose the best people to connect with and the right groups to join on LinkedIn. She is a great teacher and prepares interns extremely well for future employment opportunities. It was truly a privilege working for Lynn and I would highly recommend working for her.”