Award-Winning Recruiting Firm Highlights Special Bond With Student Interns


Chicago, April 20, 2021—Lynn Hazan and Associates (LH&A), an executive recruiting and consulting firm, continues to climb, thanks in part to its interns. Founder Lynn Hazan’s commitment to uplifting the next generation has allowed LH&A to cultivate a diverse team from universities throughout the Chicago area.

 Specializing in marketing and communications placement, the company offers interns a wide range of industry experience in fields such as healthcare, technology, public relations, and digital marketing. The firm sets its interns up for success by providing opportunities to develop research, communication, interviewing, and networking skills.

 Interns Fiona Noonan and Sydney Ingrassia, assert that the company has played a major part in preparing them for positions in their fields. This preparation is largely attributed to LH&A’s emphasis on collaboration.

 “I definitely learned how to set myself apart and become the candidate of choice for various positions,” said Noonan. “Collaboration is also a huge part of what we do. It is a valued aspect when working in a virtual environment.”

 Ingrassia echoed these sentiments, stating that she has shifted her thinking in regards to what it means to collaborate.

 “Lynn has taught me that collaboration is digging deeper in order to find the best way of telling a story,” Ingrassia said. “[Collaboration] is also pushing each other to do better.”

 LH&A also promotes time management. The firm teaches interns to employ an “Incubation Period” in which they complete tasks gradually.

 “I had to understand that I am learning everyday and it is an evolving process,” Noonan said.

Ingrassia expressed similar feelings, finding that there is value in not completing assignments in the first session.

 “Lynn has taught me that there’s value in sitting with work and making sure that it is the best that it can be,” Ingrassia said.

 The interns of LH&A complete a wide range of tasks including website maintenance, company research, social media observation, and content creation. In addition, they attend virtual industry events including Chicago Innovation and 1871 with the firm. Through assignments and exposure to multiple industries, students are able to increase their knowledge and skill sets. By consistently expanding their abilities and understanding of Chicago business, interns are prepared and confident when it is time to interview for jobs. The firm has  left a lasting impression on interns, with many praising the organization for its impact.

 “I have learned unique ways to brand myself in order to reflect my core competencies,” said former intern Kelsi Cornett.

 “I will never forget my experience with Lynn. She has definitely helped shape me into the professional that I am today,” said former intern Kelly Jacobson, now a communications associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

 Apart from long-lasting connections, the company has also proved that it can turn a negative into a positive. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has cast a dark cloud over many, but the challenging time has also created more openings for interns.

 “Strangely, one of the benefits of the pandemic  has been our ability to welcome more interns because we’ve all been working virtually,” Hazan said. “We’ve increased our capacity to support our firm and our clients.”

 This arrangement has provided the perfect environment for interns to grow and achieve.

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Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) is an award-winning executive search and consulting firm specializing in Marketing and Communications placement. The organization celebrated its 21st anniversary  in 2021. It represents employers across the United States, with a specialty in Chicago and the Midwest. Clients include Fortune 500 firms, corporations, agencies, entrepreneurial firms and not-for-profits. LH&A places candidates in full-time, part-time, project-based, and temp-to-perm positions. For employers , they offer recruiting, outplacement consulting and workshop presentations. To have Lynn Hazan & Associates support you or your organization, contact Lynn:

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