You Know You are a Recruiter for Life When…

You Know You are a Recruiter for Life when…

Jan 4, 2015 makes my 30th year as an Executive Recruiter and 15th as Lynn Hazan & Assoc. In honor of this occasion, I penned the following article. See below.

Table of Contents:

A. Job Openings

B. Article

C. Career Workshop


A. Current Job Openings: In need of talent:

1. Director of Communications-Chicago- Real Estate

2. Director of Marketing & Communications-Chicago area- Global Not for Profit

3. Senior Graphic Designer- Chicago area- B2B ad agency

4. Director of Marketing- Chicago- Mk info company

5. Intern- Lynn Hazan & Assoc.-Chicago


B. Article:  You Know you are a Recruiter for Life When…

1)   You read the wedding and engagement notices religiously. You call candidates to congratulate them on their weddings/engagements and actually place them. True stories!

2)  You keep magazine and newspaper (print and electronic) clippings of people being promoted or taking on new positions. You get especially excited when these industry pros work in your areas of expertise.

3)  You take advantage of face time with clients and candidates at professional conferences, meetings and events. You love working the room.

4)   You place first, second and third generation of candidates with your clients.

5)   You know the “inside scoop” on your clients’ businesses, their staffing models and who makes a good fit. Knowledge of the “human factor” gives your candidates the competitive edge.

6)   You can pick out the perfect candidate in the first 30 seconds of an interview. You tell the unsuspecting candidate, “ I am going to place you” and you do!

7)   You love making matches. It feels so natural and intuitive. It’s your calling card.

8)   You are a life long learner. Your natural curiosity keeps you inquisitive and motivated.

9)   You lead by example. You train and supervise the interns who will eventually become recruiters, HR professionals, communication and marketing leaders. You endorse the “bootstrap” methodology of learning and teaching.

10)  You become an Ambassador for your profession. Technology and tools may enhance your ability to source talent. They are not a substitute for person-person relationship building, talent assessment and ultimately placement. You source “Best in Class” when only the best will do.

Jan 2015. Copyright.  Lynn Hazan & Associates.


C. Career Workshop: Live your Life’s Next Adventure

We are very happy to endorse this workshop with two of the best facilitators in the business. You can also get a discount with our link.

Locally Inspired Workshop: Live Your Life’s Next Adventure

In mid-career? Changing careers? Just want to start the New Year with a fresh outlook?

In this engaging, daylong, hands-on workshop—especially created to assess, clarify and create your action plan for change—you’ll learn from experienced professionals who will present their unique perspectives about making and managing life changes. Workshop leaders include:

Peter C. Diamond

The “Amplify Guy” designs corporate and individual career coaching engagements that help his clients traverse career transitions to find work/life fulfillment. His successful four-step plan is grounded in his experience coaching hundreds of clients to create personal leadership action plans that allow them to successfully navigate life’s challenges. As Peter leads his session, he’ll guide you towards personal insights that can help you identify commitments to keep moving forward.

Aleen Bayard

Spanning more than 25 years, Aleen’s bold career in change management, executive coaching and leadership development includes teaching at Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies.  She will help you uncover, face and disarm your limiting beliefs, so you can chart your course towards change.

After this day of reflection and reimagining, you will not only see the choices you have to make to achieve your best your possibilities, but you will also know how to confront and make those decisions with courage and optimism. So you can keep your momentum going, you will meet your “accountability buddy,” assigned for the short term to help you “keep yourself on track.”

Live Your Life’s Next Adventure workshop is about confronting change—whether you are at a crossroads in life or voluntarily undertaking personal growth.

Space is limited for this transformational workshop. Copy and paste this URL onto  your server.

to buy your ticket a discount from Lynn Hazan.

January 23, 2015

10:00am – 4:00pm

200 S. Michigan Ave suite 400

Chicago, Illinois

Tickets: $85.00, includes morning coffee, lunch and a copy of Peter C. Diamond’s book, Amplify Your Career and Life: 4 Steps to Evaluate, Assess, and Move Forward

Learn more at