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Candidate Testimonial:”Heartiest congratulations for such amazing efforts by you and your team in the field of consultation and recruitment. Your weekly events, informative newsletters are very insightful and give practical advice for job seekers like me😊. Kudos to the great work. Your latest achievement of being nominated for the Chicago Innovation Award. Sept. 30th, is very well deserved. Congratulations to you and your team for this milestone.” – Poonam Ahuja

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06/27/22: Let the Sun Shine on You! New Jobs- Print Graphic Designer, Digital & SM Mgr, & More.
06/20/2022: The Great Transformation! Multiple New Jobs in Digital Mk, PR: Real Estate, Legal, Chicago/NY & Ongoing Searches.
06/13/2022: Your Key to Client Success. New Jobs: Physical Security Analyst & Sr. PR Acct Mgr!
06/08/2022: Find the Job You Love-New Job in Legal [Physical Security Analyst], PR Agencies & Continuing Legal Education.
05/31/2022: Pass On Your Wisdom To Your New Employer! We’re Hooting For You!
05/23/2022: Bird’s Eye View for Talent: We’re Hiring! 
05/16/2022: Let Your Talent Be The Winning Formula
05/09/2022: RBG Wants You To Apply! 
05/02/2022: Let Your Talent Bloom! Blossom in a New Job!
04/26/2022: Monty Flew in with New Job Specs for MK Mger!
04/18/2022: Age of Job Creation. We’re Hiring!
04/11/2022: Separate Yourself From the Competition! Another New Job!
04.04.2022 – Time to Fly Out Into a New Job!
03/28/22: Head Over Heels for Our New Jobs!
03/22/22: Join the Winner’s Circle! Be Best in Class – New Job!