1. Lynn Hazan’s Interview with Shruti Iyer

Part of Kellstatd Marketing Group’s content series.

2. Lynn Hazan’s Interview with Scott Becker

Part of the Becker Group Women’s Leadership Podcast series. Published on July 21st. 

Available online here. 

3. Lynn Hazan’s interview with journalist, Emily Rosenbaum

Published in the Success section of the Chicago Tribune, May 25th. On Standing out in a crisis economy. Tips for landing a job in a very competitive climate Available online here. This article was written for Chicago Tribune and it also appeared in the Baltimore Sun, the New York Daily News and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. 

How job seekers can stand out in a crisis economy

4. Lisa Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer has interviewed a series of individuals who have successfully made the journey from “Corporate to Entrepreneur”. Lynn Hazan is one of the speakers! 

Lynn’s interview aired on May 24. 

   4. Intercultural Talk: Journeys, Culture, Thanksgiving

Journeys, Culture, Thanksgiving

Lynn’s interview aired on November 20, 2020.