Media Coverage 2023

January 2023:

Pon Angara, Creative Director at VisionReady and Disrupt Your Day Host, chats with Lynn Hazan, President and Founder of Lynn Hazan & Associates

Tune in for Episode#2 of Season 3 with Pon & Lynn. As a “relationship recruiter,” she has been making a difference in the careers of marketing and communications professionals for the past 23 years.

“How I work with clients mirrors the way I work with candidates,” says Lynn. “I ask questions and I dig deep going beyond the descriptions of the job specs. I ask for stories because people remember stories that reflect their culture and values. Stories help candidates to interview better with good synergy that flows between them and the client.”

Watch for a bonus tidbit from Lynn about creating your own six-word story that captures your unique essence and can help potential clients or partners to remember you. She also shares her strategies for building relationships that generate business leads.

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