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Lynn Hazan & Associates Celebrates 19 Years of Growth, Relationships, and Excellence-#19 for 2019

CHICAGO, IL. — Lynn Hazan & Associates, an award-winning executive search firm specializing in communications and marketing, headquartered in Chicago, celebrates 19 years in business.

Since 2000, LH&A has emphasized being the best recruitment company for its clients by practicing growth strategy, relationship marketing, and dynamic internship programs.

2019 will mark Hazan’s 34th year in the recruiting business. “We only want the best for our clients,” said Hazan. “Recruiting is a combination of detective work, building relationships with both clients and candidates, and making the best matches. It is also constantly evolving.”

Hazan’s clients range from Fortune 500, corporate, PR and ad agencies, entrepreneurial, start-ups, not-for-profit, and trade associations.

Hazan keeps up-to-date with industry events and hot trends in the workplace. An interesting development popping up in the healthcare industry is the “longevity economy.” According to AARP, “the longevity economy represents the sum of all economic activity serving the needs of Americans over 50 and including both the products and services they purchase directly and the further economic activity this spending generates.”

We see  trends first. It’s no surprise to hear that the longevity economy will become a dominant player as the Baby Boomers move onto the next stages of their lives. This will have an impact on jobs in real estate, healthcare, transportation, home care services, and successful aging.

This past year, LH&A has increased its staff by hiring Falguni Shah as Marketing and Recruiting Associate. In addition to the LH&A team, the following are current marketing and communication interns: Dilorom Azamova, Kelsi Cornett, Dolores Ding, Max Gordon, and Danielle Miller.

“I love working with interns,” said Hazan. “To this day, working with career-seeking students is a high point in my business.”

Our interns have moved onto successful careers in marketing, PR, corporate communications, recruiting, and analytics. We stay in touch as well; they become our ambassadors.

Hazan will be speaking at the NSENG presentation How to Create a Win-Win for a Job Placement with a Talent Recruiter on January 21st and 22nd. For more information on events, workshops, and seminars, check out

In honor of 19 years in 2019, Lynn is conducting a special contest for job seekers. Candidates are encouraged to view the LH&A website: and to identify the unique features/characteristics of LH&A. To win a free Resume Review (valued at $150.00), the candidate who submits the “best” reasons to partner with LH&A will be selected. Creativity and strong writing talent will add to your winning score. Deadline: Jan 9, 2019. Send your contest application to with the header #19 for 2019.

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