Tips for Job Seekers During 2020 – by Lynn Hazan 

New law about salary disclosure – What Are You Worth?

  • Find out about the new law taking effect in IL that forbids employers from asking prospective candidates about their salaries. Learn about salary surveys, how candidates can increase their value and partner with recruiters for salary info.

  Can’t ask Salary : How Employers Know Candidate’s Worth

  • New law in Illinois forbids potential employers from asking candidates about their salaries. What can companies do to be competitive, salary wise and position themselves as the employer of choice? Read the article above.
  • The workplace is always evolving, so it’s important to adapt your skillset to meet the constantly changing demands of employers. With technology continuing to shift and advance, you need to be willing to learn and change along with it-if you want to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Working remotely has its perks. No daily commute in the morning. The flexibility to work when you want to. No strict dress code (unless you have online meetings!). But it also has its disadvantages. It can be hard to stay motivated. You aren’t working alongside your team. And you don’t have colleagues to interact with. Here’s a list of some of the most common issues faced by remote workers and tips for coping with them


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  • “Creating a win-win job search scenario with a talent recruiter”: this webinar provides a Talent Recruiter’s perspectives on how the recruiter creates a win-win scenario with both the candidate and the hiring company they are representing. You will learn why and how partnering with a headhunter or search firm can advance your career and land you a position you want and deserve. You’ll gain insights into how you can develop a relationship with a recruiter and how it can catapult your visibility with key companies. Most importantly, you’ll get the recruiter’s point of view on what they’re looking for, the process they go through when selecting preferred candidates and ultimately what drives the candidate recommendations they make to their client. During her presentation, Lynn Hazan will be sharing knowledge from her 34 years of recruiting for a broad range of companies. You can see it now by clicking on this link: 

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