LH&A Celebrates International Intern Day! – Lynn Hazan and Claire Hawk

10 Traits of The Ideal Candidate in 2021 – Sydney Ingrassia and Lynn Hazan

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021 from Lynn Hazan & Associates – Curated by Lily Lowndes

The Most Requested Power Skills in an Uncertain COVID Workplace  – Marti Konstant

Can’t ask Salary : How Employers Know Candidate’s Worth – Lynn Hazan and Rue Wang 


  • A new law in Illinois forbids potential employers from asking candidates about their salaries. What can companies do to be competitive, salary wise and position themselves as the employer of choice? Read the article above.

Professional Webinars:          

  • August 27th – ASPET Great Lakes Chapter 2021 Annual Meeting: Covid-19: Therapeutics, Diagnosis, and Prevalence  (Registration Fees Apply)     

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  • August 30th (12 pm CST)- Is It Time for a New Job Target?

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  • Recorded Interview: “You Teach Me, I Teach You – The New Age of Internships”

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