Talent Wanted-Updates, Sneak Preview-CD, New Hashtags, Free Webinars etc.

Clients want everything in talent. Isn’t it nice to feel appreciated? Put your combined talent package to work with your core skills and technical tools, all in one candidate. 

Are you keeping up with the latest tech tools in your toolbox? If not, start learning to stay competitive and add value.

Lynn Hazan

Lynn Hazan & Assoc.

1. Current Openings

2. New Job-Sneak Preview

3. New Hashtags for Social Media Postings from LH&A

4. Free Webinars-Feb 4 and 10

5. Upcoming Event-BMA-Feb 12-Analytics that Woo the C Suite

6. Article: The Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015

1. Current Openings:

a. Dir of Mk/Mger: Real Estate: Pls note that the specs have been revised to focus more on marketing.


b. Marcom Associate- Perfect for candidate with 1-3 years of experience & interest in IT. Great new client in growth mode.


c. Global Dir of Mk & Communications-Not for Profit

Need candidate with global mk and communications. Ideal combo-for profit and not for profit.


d. Dir of Mk- Info Services Co- all around talent at both strategic and tactical levels.


 2. New Job- Sneak Preview:

Specs will be posted on Mon, Feb 2.

Creative Dir/Assoc Creative Director- Copy for award winning B2B Agency in Chicago area.Work on global accounts. 

Start getting your resume and samples ready

 3. New Hashtags for easy ID:

We added visuals and new codes to make it easy to spot our info on social media. We hope these help.

#LHA Job- for job openings

#LHAEvent- for events or workshops

#LHAShare- for articles, info, presentations

 4. Free Webinars: 

a. Re-THINK! Building Your Self-Confidence for a Successful Job Search

February 4th @12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Self-confidence is a problem that plagues more people and keeps them from moving forward on their job search and their dreams.

Here is an opportunity to get beyond the years of worry and concern about being “good enough”. This is about having the inner-strength to know what you want and to go after it confidently.

Self-confidence impacts your job search as well as your happiness in life. Learn how the feeling of “not being enough” is an illusion that impacts millions of people.

The internal drive to “want to be enough” often requires things being perfect before proceeding. This is all part of a trap based on our pattern of thinking. If you are waiting for things to be perfect…you have a long wait before you’ll ever be satisfied.

This webinar is dedicated to inspiring you to know who you are and to see the personal satisfaction that you can have now and forever.

You will have the opportunity to:

• Learn the keys to building your self-confidence for success in your job search

• The tools to make lasting changes in your pattern of thinking.

• Shift from “not enough” to truly having self-worth!

• Stop comparing yourself to others!

• Discover how easy you can go from invisible to VISIBLE

• Build and strengthen your attitude – Be a Yes to YOU!

You can take a deep breath of relief. Say, “Goodbye to the Lack of Self-Confidence”

b. How to Write a Stand-Out Resume

February 10th @ 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST, 9:00 am MST, 10:00 am CST)

Is your job search stalling? Could your resume use some help? Unsure if your resume is actually effective? This webinar will address all of the components of what actually makes a resume a WINNING resume. Appealing to all levels of job seekers, this instructional session will provide best-in-class tips that you need to start using today.

To register for the training, you may login to our Career Portal and click on the Webinar Tab. Then click on the event and register by clicking the webinar registration link for each event listed.

Your Login Information is:

URL: www.hrsearchincsite.com

Username: lynn Hazan

Password: (password you selected upon registration)

 5. BMA Event: Analytics that Woo the C Suite: Feb 12: see you there!


6. Article The Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015

To stay relevant, you must master the skills behind this year’s hottest technology trends.