1.KG-Freelance Virtual PR Writer Since 2007

“Lynn found me as part of her search to fill a virtual, freelance writing position with a Chicago-based, national, high-tech PR firm in 2007. To this day, it remains my longest-term and most lucrative client, and we’ve built an outstanding relationship over the past 12 years. Living in a rural area, it’s not easy to find opportunities to do this kind of exciting, world-class work without having to pack up and move to a metro area. I’m exceptionally grateful that Lynn introduced me to this career-defining opportunity, and she’s continued to be a valuable resource and advocate as the relationship has evolved over the past decade-plus.”

2.Megan Bueschel-Senior Level Marketing Communications Executive

“Through NSENG, I participated in a recent webinar given by Lynn regarding how to effectively engage with a recruiter for your job search. From start to finish the information was valuable and impactful. Lynn even exposed us to some of the exercises she takes her clients through to focus their search on their best skills and highest area of interest. By the conclusion I was informed, infused with a new energy to keep going and empowered with some of the tools she shared. It’s clear that if Lynn Hazan and Associates place you with a company, its going to be a great fit for both your skills and the culture. It was the best $20 I’ve spent in months.”

3.Kelsi Cornett-Former Intern

“You always push me to be my best #amazing mentor. You have exposed me to business, Chicago, and so many professional organizations. But also, you have been a mentor and an amazing light in my life. I admire your spirit, determination, and independence. You are a phenomenal recruiter and person. Because of you, I know now what “upstream” and “downstream” marketing is, I know how to write job specs, I know how to manage websites and blogs, I know how to advertise and network, and I know how to hold myself with confidence. I appreciate every second you have taken to teach me and mold me into the business woman I am today. #spirit #mentor”