Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) Announces  Partnership With Tony P’s Networking Events

Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) is very excited to announce our collaboration with Tony Paolella and Greg DeKalb. Together, they founded Tony P’s Networking Events. This partnership provides opportunities for our clients and candidates to attend live and virtual networking events, to expand their professional relationships. We also post our job openings with Tony P.

Tony Paolella has over 15 years of networking experience in the Chicago area, during which he has built trusted relationships with Chicago’s top business leaders. Greg DeKalb has extensive experience in marketing, sales, and technology, which he brings to the networking world.

As a firm, we take pride in our efforts to “dig deep” to get to know our clients and candidates thoroughly. Our mission is to place the right candidates with the right clients. Similarly, Tony P’s Networking Events takes a personalized approach to networking. They attract influencers and successful business professionals with common goals. This process makes their events unique and valuable.

Our relationship with Tony P’s Networking Events has already led to success. During a 2023 virtual networking event, we met a candidate, looking for a new position. We successfully placed her with a client. We are eager to see this successful track record continue. See you at an upcoming event or virtual networking session!

For more information about Tony P’s Networking events: