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What to Think About When Choosing Your Future Career

By Zoya Haider

One of the scariest questions people ponder about the workforce is this: What career do I want to pursue? The multitude of choices when deciding your future path can be overwhelming. I vividly remember entering my freshman year at DePaul University with the infamous major known as “undecided.” From the beginning, I was desperate to figure out what I wanted to pursue. By evaluating myself through five key points, I found the perfect path: a major in Digital Marketing with an interest in entertainment. By following these tips, you too can determine the ideal profession for yourself.

Choosing Your Future Career
Taylor Swift's Voice

How Does Taylor Swift’s Voice Resonate?

by Sarah Nelson

As a little girl, I knew exactly why Taylor Swift’s music meant so much to me. Her music meant my first concert with my mom and my sister, each of us with red hair-dye, at Soldier Field. Here I am getting ready for my first Taylor Swift concert in 2013 at the age of 10! It also meant moments of bliss with my family, dancing in the basement to our favorite icon on our worn-down Hello Kitty radio.

Now, as a marketing student, Taylor Swift’s fandom and adoration compels my curiosity. Her legacy is intertwined with marketing, politics, and a “target” audience. Taylor balances these so her millions of fans, and an average of 60,000 “Swifties” per concert, know her as a friend.


5 tips to overcome obstacles as an International student

By Yuki Onuma

As a senior and international student from Japan at DePaul University, Chicago, IL, I have spent the past five years studying in the United States. After a year at an English school, I entered DePaul and gained valuable insights. I would like to share my experiences with potential or current foreign students. In this article, I will provide 5 tips based on my personal journey.

Tips for International Students
Seal The Deal

Level the Playing Field: Understand the Dynamics of Job Interviews

by Max Kurtock

What is it about job interviews that make us feel powerless? Why do they feel so unfair?
We are not equal parties in an interview. Power dynamics play a major role in how we establish our relationships. The employer vs. candidate job structure reflects this. We also must consider gender, role seniority, race, and expertise. These factors inherently affect our interviews, consciously or not.

Unlock the Interview Process: Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

By Finn Sokolowski

Have you ever finished a job interview and felt unsatisfied? If so, chances are you didn’t ask enough or the right questions. Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan & Associates, has been working for 38 years as an executive recruiter in communications and marketing. Hazan’s job involves interviewing candidates to assess their suitability. She understands what critical topics candidates need to explore and what they must be aware of before accepting job offers.

Unlock Interview Process

Guest Appearance on the “Intercultural Spark” episode:
“You Teach Me, I Teach You – The New Age of Internships”

 by Fiona Noonan and Lilly Lowndes

LH&A interns Fiona Noonan and Lily Lowndes appeared alongside Lynn Hazan on an episode of “Intercultural Spark” to discuss the collaborative environment at LH&A. The interns spoke about their experience working virtually and the great contributions that they made using Lynn’s principles of “Saying Yes” and “Using Your Superpowers.”

Lowndes also wrote a press release to publicize the event.

Unlock Your Best Writing: 5 Tips for Creating Error-Free Work

by Alyssa Sarro

There’s a quote by Emma Hill that reads, “The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story color.” We don’t all enjoy the proofreading process. It takes more time and effort than just leaving something as a first draft. However, proofing work is what takes it to the next level of precision. Here are five easy tips that we can follow to make copy-editing less of a hassle and leads to better quality work. 

Unlock Your Best Writing
Virtual Work from Home

6 Benefits of Working as a Virtual Intern 

by Naphat Sangsab

My participation as a Virtual Marketing Intern at Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) has been my best decision during this pandemic. I have had many opportunities to work with companies in the Chicago area and elsewhere. Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) is an executive search firm in communication and marketing. Here are six benefits that I would like to outline.

LH&A Celebrates International Intern Day!

By Claire Hawk

In honor of International Intern Day, LH&A celebrated our team of innovative and hardworking interns.

LH&A Celebrates International Intern Day!
World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day Presentation

 By Lily Lowndes

LH&A celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day by asking its interns what creativity meant to them. Our interns provided their quotes, artwork, and ideas about creativity in this presentation.


Lynn Hazan & Associates featured in the new book:
“Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses”

LH&A was a Chicago business featured in DePaul University professor Dr. Steve Kelly and student Amanda Low’s book “Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses.” The book focuses on the impacts DePaul’s Marketing Internship program has had on students’ professional skills. Nandani Dangayach, a former intern, wrote a chapter about her experience interning at LH&A.

The book can be purchased and viewed: here

Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses

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