According to Rishad Tobaccowala, we are seeing the age of the Fractionalized Employee.

“No longer does an employee have to choose between staying or going or being torn trying to do two things at one time,” Rishad Tobaccowala said. “If they wish to try out a different type of non-competitive job it behooves their employer from letting do so because retaining half or three quarters of a talented person is better than zero.”

According to Signature Analytics’ article, “Why Organizations Should Utilize Fractional Hiring,” fractional hiring can help growing businesses that fall behind and lack well seasoned, experienced help.

Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) views fractional employment as being beneficial towards their hiring of potential candidates. “We see this as a good model in hiring freelancers for ongoing and long term assignments,” Lynn states. This bears evidence for ongoing recruitment of Medical Writers, Web and Graphic Designers, WordPress Specialists, LinkedIn Strategists, Copywriters, and Creative Service Managers.


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