Why Register with Lynn Hazan & Associates

Why Register as a Candidate with Lynn Hazan & Associates?

  1. As a candidate, you want to be represented by a recruiting firm that specializes in your core competencies: communications and marketing.
  2. You have experience working for corporate, agency, not for profit, trade association or entrepreneurial companies. So do we!
  3. You want to maintain a long- term relationship with us as you grow your skill sets. We are the Relationship Recruiters. We value getting to know you and to placing you.
  4. You want the best job for the right salary, level of authority and fit. Our goal is to help you succeed. We have the inside track on our clients. We coach you for success in getting the job offer.
  5. All of our recruiting work is confidential. Your background and credentials are safe with us. To protect client confidentiality, we only disclose our clients by name after we have presented your credentials.
  6. We have a track record of success for 22 years of LH&A, and Lynn has been recruiting for 37 years.
  7. We send you weekly job updates.
  8. We provide free training webinars.
  9. When you apply for a job through LH&A, we help you refine your resume to become a marketing document on your behalf. We also provide one on one coaching and consulting services to help you ace interviews and win that dream job (and more money)!
  10. To register: Please send your resume along with the answers to the questions from this link http://lhazan.com/qa/ to Lynn@lhazan.com