Why Work With a Recruiter in 2022?

Why Work With a Recruiter in 2022?

By Emily Samp, Intern at LH&A

Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A), an executive recruiting firm specializing in marketing and communications, believes in the power of win, win, win. When everyone works together, the candidate, client, and recruiting firm all win.

Lynn will be celebrating her 37th anniversary as a recruiter and the firm’s 22nd anniversary in January 2022. Clients pay a fee for LH&A to source the “best in class” talent. There is no fee for candidates to register with the firm. 

5 Hints for Working With a Recruiter

Many candidates heavily rely on technology while applying for jobs. However, there is no replacement for the human touch. Connecting with LH&A, the “relationship recruiters”, will ensure you have professionals fully committed to your success. To help prepare for 2022, here are some benefits of partnering with LH&A. 

Client Perspective:

  1. You want to collaborate with recruiters who understand your hiring needs and identify with your core values.
  2. You need to ensure that the job specs are well-written and reflect the scope of the job. No generic descriptions. Candidates who best fit the requirements are encouraged to apply.
  3. LH&A has a track record of proven success. The team at LH&A has successfully recruited for MedComm, MedEd, PR, communications, consulting, corporate, technology, professional associations, PR agencies, digital and more. We’ve also adapted to changing needs in the marketplace. For example, we have successfully placed talent in data science and online learning. 
  4. LH&A is involved in the industry and gives back. Lynn has attended events at Northwestern IMC, DePaul University, Chicago Innovation, and more.  She has presented workshops and seminars for Women in Bio, CHIentist, U of CA/Irvine,  U of MD/Baltimore, Associated Colleges of IL. PMI (Project Management Institute), DePaul University, Northwestern University, Aurora University, etc. Lynn serves on the Marketing Advisory Council for DePaul University’s Marketing Department. 
  5. We have placed all levels of talent from entry level to CMO.

Candidate Perspective: 

  1. A career coach helps you think of new approaches to brand yourself as the “candidate of choice”, thus enhancing your credentials.
  2. Get the inside track on clients, culture and what clients are seeking in the “ideal” candidate.
  3. Receive in-depth prepping, including resume review, interview tips & more.
  4. Interact with industry professionals who are interested & committed to your success.
  5. We are the “relationship recruiters” & maintain long-term relationships with our candidates throughout their careers.

The WOW Project:

Wondering how to stand out to potential employers? Working with a recruiter, such as LH&A, will teach you tips and tricks no one else knows. When applying for a job, you don’t want the hiring managers to think of you as an average candidate. You want to wow them! 

During the interview, you could talk about your accomplishments and past experiences as much as you want. However, the things you would be sharing are already shown on your resume & LinkedIn profile.

 “The WOW project is your bridge to the future,” said Lynn Hazan, President of LH&A. “Doing something that will surprise & delight your interviewer will separate you from your competition.” When you are a candidate under consideration, Lynn will teach you the secret sauce to the WOW project. 

Case studies have shown that after receiving a WOW project, candidates are on a fast track to receiving the job offer. Partnering with LH&A allows you to receive feedback and guidance on your WOW project.

Why Does Coaching Matter?

Getting a job is a competitive sport. Everyone wants to join the winner’s circle! As an athlete & an intern at LH&A, I can speak from personal experience. Whether you are applying for a job or preparing for an athletic competition, the end goal is to win. In many ways, the objectives of a recruiter parallel those of a coach.

When you partner with a recruiter, you get the inside track on clients’ needs. Working with the “relationship recruiters” is a different experience than applying for a job independently. When it comes to cross country, I could run as many miles a day as I choose. However, that run might not be the best to help me prepare for a race. Some days, I need to gain momentum from a hard workout, while other times, my body just needs to recover. 

Building a relationship with my coach allows him to get to know me and what works best for my training. Listening to my coach’s thoughts and implementing his plan, helped me drop 4 minutes from the beginning to the end of the season. I would have never seen that improvement or had that success without an expert in the sport. 

Likewise, a recruiter wants you to achieve all your career goals and find a position you are truly happy in. A “relationship recruiter” is there behind the scenes to help you prepare in all aspects of your job search. Working with LH&A will give you the opportunity to be coached by recruiting experts, Lynn Hazan & Falguni Shah. Lynn & Falguni will get to know you and your needs. Regardless of whether you are competing for a job or the championship trophy, a coach’s insight plays a huge role in your growth and success. 

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