Lynn Hazan & Associates Testimonials: What Makes Us the Firm of Choice

“Beyond great in her top-notch talent management work, Lynn is simply a joy to be and work with. Her big, fun personality attracts gifted prospects — and she helped me recruit several difference-makers in my role as CCMO. If your HR team is missing the mark or over-extended as mine was, and you want a personalized, professional touch at getting the ideal person for your team, you need to talk to Lynn. Lynn has been a blessing to me and my team — and I’m hoping she might be for you too.”

Steve Ford

Regional Development Director , Taylor University

“Starting a new career can often be fraught, often happening because of very difficult or extenuating circumstances. Lynn thinks outside the box making job hunting fun, joyfully turning it into a personal journey. She delivers excellent results because she works with who you are and what you would like to do and matches that with what is being looked for. Meanwhile you are thinking in ways that make this process interesting and effective. You are making a positive life change. Do not take that ‘grab and go job’ but: let’s all rewrite the American landscape with vision, passion and a love for what we do: let’s create solutions before the problem arises. How ? We have thought outside our parameters and pursued things we enjoy. Lynn is celebrating 37 years of recruiting excellence”. 

Mary S

“Lynn Hazan is a superstar. Her sage advice is invaluable, as is her warmth and humanity. Lynn isn’t just in the recruiting business, she’s in the people business. She’s been both a recruiter for me and a guest panelist for the Chicago Headline Club when I was its president. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Robert K. Elder

Chief Digital Officer , Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences

“Lynn Hazan seems to be everywhere all at once in the Chicagoland area. The quintessential networker, Lynn has spoken at events for organizations, including universities and associations. Lynn has coached me about my career, and I had the pleasure of helping her firm rebuild their website. Lynn, her associate Falguni Shah, and their team use a proprietary methodology of interviews and skill assessment tools to gain in-depth insights about candidates and their fit for job openings. They “dig deep” with clients to determine their needs, competitive advantage for hiring and the best fit for talent.”

Rich Cruz

OD and Change Management Professional | MarCom Executive | Certified Management Consultant

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional leadership and inspiration. Your guidance and the principles you imparted played a crucial role in helping me secure my recent job as a Remote Training Specialist. Thank you again for your invaluable support and mentorship.”


“Lynn was able to help me identify natural skills and abilities. In fact, we had an “a-ha!” moment which I’ll never forget during one card game. (Yes, Lynn has fun tools to aid the process.) She also helped me to understand how to recognize my previous job duties and responsibilities from a value-added perspective. I enjoyed working with Lynn Hazan and highly recommend her talents and time to anyone looking for personal and insightful career guidance.”

Katrine Vange

President, Danish American Chamber of Commerce Midwest

“Lynn’s presentation on “What’s Hot on the Job Market? : Q4 2023 – 24″ was loaded with a treasure trove of valuable information. Her in-depth analysis, coupled with engaging visuals, provided a clear snapshot of the ever-evolving job landscape. The attendees left feeling well-informed and ready to navigate the future of employment with confidence.”

Tony Paolella

Co-Founder & Lead Host, Tony P's Networking Events

“🌟 I’m still savoring the incredible experience with Lynn Hazan at the 2023 Career Development Conference📚

Lynn is the Founder and President of Lynn Hazan & Associates with more than 38 years of experience in the recruiting business.

Lynn shared the invaluable session on “Storytelling Through Your Resume for Career Success.” The depth of her knowledge is truly remarkable, and the information she delivered during one hour was more impactful than reading a couple of books or scouring various sources or videos.

I’m eagerly anticipating more opportunities to learn from Lynn in the future. Her speaking engagements are more than just learning experiences. I anticipate new information and exciting events where Lynn will be a speaker, making each learning encounter more than amazing🌐🎓”

Tetiana Danyltsiv

SMM Specialist & Content Creator

“Lynn Hazan thank you for the inspiring words….. thanks for being THE MOST ENERGETIC SPEAKER …. Learned a lot from your session.. your session was thought-provoking and inspired me to start making my resume as my story rather than a generic professional summary like 1000s of others resumes… I liked your exercises on making 6-word sentences for myself and my organizational behavior. I am more than inclined to make my resume better with your guidance and insights.

Indrasena Ageer

Community Outreach Project Manager, Project Management Institute

“My call to Lynn was a simple request for some basic career information. In short order, I came away from this call with a deeper understanding of my career path than I expected. Additionally, referrals were passed on to me of industry thought leaders to help me understand current and emerging trends. I look forward to working more closely with Lynn to help me on my journey.

John Cisco

“I attended the 2023 Career Development Conference yesterday hosted by the Chicagoland Chapter of PMILynn Hazan of Lynn Hazan & Associates gave an energetic presentation called “Storytelling Through Your Resume for Career Success” that was incredible!  I’m now working on my own six-word story that leads into an Enterprise story to build my own best version of my resume for my next opportunity.  Thanks Lynn for your guidance and the added energy I needed in my search process. I’m ready to rewrite everything this morning!!”

Robert Borger

PMP Plainfield, IL

“I was stuck at a turning point in my career and reached out to Lynn when a position became available that looked incredibly promising. Lynn was beyond brilliant throughout the entire process. Not only was she a mentor, providing valuable insights into positioning my resume and coaching me through the interview process, but she was also accessible and kind which is a rare quality combination to find. While her coaching and networking did lead me to a job offer, I was fortunate to have received a couple of offers at the time and decided to move forward with another company. I cannot recommend Lynn enough. She cares about her clients and wants the best possible outcomes for all parties involved. Even when I had to share my disappointing news with her, Lynn was supportive and understanding. If you’re looking for the best fit for your future or feel like you’re stuck in a career that is just not for you, reach out to Lynn.”

Erik Rancatore

Participant , Brand & Creative Strategist

I worked with Lynn to successfully navigate the hiring process and secure a strong job offer. She is a candid career resource who will work hard to understand your personal strengths and how best to present them to employers.”

William Hetrick

Participant, Brand & Creative Strategist

“Thank you very much for hosting tonight’s webinar, I really enjoyed and appreciated the knowledge I gained. The part of this process that I’ve enjoyed the most is the learning – as well as meeting successful industry folks like yourself – and this evening’s seminar exemplified that perfectly. What resonated was the importance and impact of tailoring your résumé to the job specs is one. It’s an example of that little bit extra effort it requires to make yourself stand out. Using this time to sharpen my technical skills is another. There were many others as well!”


Workshop Participant

“Lynn, thank you for a wonderful session tonight. I truly got a lot out of it and appreciate you taking the time to help me and others. I’m now working on the assessment suggestions you provided to refine my search for specific roles and target companies. You always put growth and development of your candidates and clients first to cultivate the most successful connections. I’m looking forward to getting the resource kit from the webinar to incorporate more tips and tricks. Thank you!”


Workshop Participant

“Lynn Hazan is nothing short of spectacular (in all aspects) in her work, as she owns her own firm and does endless outreach in a variety of organizations setting up professionals to be successful. Lynn places professionals with some of her clients as well as manages many interns within her firm and sets them up to go be amazingly successful in their careers.”

Mary Ellen J

“Lynn Hazan & Associates is an employer partner of Emeritus. Lynn works very closely with her clients to ensure they have candidates that match their exact needs for their open positions. She also works closely with job seekers to ensure their needs will be met in the positions in which they apply. It is a rare find to have a recruiting firm want to know so much about job seekers in addition to their resumes.

Our teams worked together via resume referrals from the learners we support to LH+A for consideration in open roles they are sourcing. Lynn and her team also held a workshop for all of our job seekers on self-brand and quantitative outcomes on resumes. It was valuable information that was well received by attendees. We look forward to having another workshop with LH+A in the near future”.

Natalie Pavon

Former, Associate Director of Careers, Emeritus

“The student became the teacher. Lynn has been active in my Wonder Women Mastermind for a number of years. Now she is teaching me. Her ability to maintain and connect with new relationships is remarkable. She is totally giving. Recently she gave a presentation on meaningful relationships that was so full of good information and ideas that the group could not give her enough accolades. If you are seeking speakers, virtually or in person, I highly recommend Lynn. She is full of creativity and dynamic in her approach and your attendees will walk away with useful and implementable ideas.”

Gail Zelitzky

Coach for Women Business Owners,, Founder of Wonder Woman Mastermind

“I never believed in the value of working with a job coach until I met Lynn….I was offered what I thought was a perfect opportunity. After working with Lynn, I quickly discovered that this was not the case. Lynn’s advice and guidance saved me from accepting a job that would put a large financial and travel strain on me and my family. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone looking for guidance on their next opportunity!”

Michael S

User Experience Architect

Lynn and I recently connected through KMG for an interview. I had an amazing experience working with her. The kind of energy she brings on to the table is contagious. She is extremely sincere, detail oriented and patient. She focuses on improving students’ professional skills along with promoting a healthy symbiotic relationship while working. She is one of the finest, most transparent and experienced recruiters out there in Chicago. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with Lynn in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any student/ job seeker to get in contact with her for advancement in their careers.”

Shruti Iyer

Wow! What a great presentation Lynn gave at the PMI Chicagoland Career Conference 2020! Her session was engaging, energetic, practical, and the participants gave a raving review! You can tell she really enjoys what she does as a recruiter and the presentation was thoughtful about giving practical advice for job seekers transitioning within their field. It was great! She is responsive, puts a great deal of care into researching her slides, and has a fun spirit. I would highly recommend Lynn as a speaker and collaborator.”

Meredith Nelson


“I recently viewed an NSENG webinar where Lynn was the featured presenter. Not only was she engaging, but her presentation contained nugget after nugget of great advice. Her presentation was uplifting and actionable. One of the most captivating presentations I’ve heard in a long time. Lynn is clearly dialed-into her field. If you ever have the opportunity to hear/see Lynn speak, I highly recommend it. She’s a must-see!”

Chris Wilmot

Participant, Sales & Strategy Planning

“Through NSENG, I participated in a recent webinar given by Lynn regarding how to effectively engage with a recruiter for your job search. From start to finish the information was valuable and impactful. Lynn even exposed us to some of the exercises she takes her clients through to focus their search on their best skills and highest area of interest. By the conclusion, I was informed, infused with new energy to keep going and empowered with some of the tools she shared. It’s clear that if Hazan and Associates place you with a Company, it’s going to be a great fit for both your skills and the culture. It was the best $20 I’ve spent in months.”

Megan Bueschel

Participant, Senior Level Marketing Communications Executive

“I had the opportunity recently to attend a networking session where Lynn was the speaker. Her depth of knowledge on her subject matter was amazing. She also has a dynamic speaking style that was extremely engaging. I took home with me some extremely valuable information that I know will help me throughout my career. If you ever have the chance to attend one of her speaking engagements, don’t pass up the opportunity!”

Joel Williamson

Participant, LSSGB - Director of Operations at Eichrom Technologies LLC

“There is no other recruiter who preps their candidates as well as Lynn. She is a natural at matching the right talent to the right position. I was both a candidate and client of Lynn’s and now I am proud to say a colleague. Her endless energy makes her a great partner to employers who have trouble finding the right fit for open positions.”

Michelle Robins

Career Marketing & Job Search Strategist , NCRW, CPRW

Lynn’s “Empowered Job Seeker” program fueled my job search and was instrumental in helping me land a higher-paying position in a different sector. Her detailed advice opened my eyes to how I should leverage accomplishments to make my resume stand out from the rest. The revamp was hard work, but totally worth it. She is a positive force of nature who encourages clients to learn more about themselves and their motivations as part of the job search. Surprise! These exercises play a role later on when you’re in the interview process; I was able to clearly verbalize my strengths because I’d taken the time to go through Lynn’s recommended exercises. Before the last series of interviews that led to my job offer, Lynn’s coaching helped me prepare. Her tips were absolute gems. I’d recommend her services to anyone.


Empowered Job Seeker Client , Senior Public Relations Executive

I had a very positive experience working with Lynn Hazan & Associates. I was placed almost immediately. Payments were consistently prompt and accurate. Lynn was always responsive and absolutely wonderful to work with. I would recommend anyone who is looking for their next opportunity work with this great agency.

Mike B

Freelance Creative, for Ad Agency Client

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