LH&A candidate temp-to-perm successful

Pete’s Testimonial

Pete worked on several contract projects after graduating from college, but couldn’t find the right full-time position.

“In a period of nine months, I applied to 438 positions and had 73 interviews,” Pete said. Lynn came across Pete’s resume and believed he was the best candidate for a client’s temp-to-perm assignment. Pete described Lynn’s process as “streamlined and incredibly rapid.”

“The placement took 36 hours from beginning to end,” Peter continued: “The company hired me as a contractor and within six months, I was brought on as a full-time employee.”

“Pete’s story reflects how well written samples, attitudes, and skills can make the difference for candidates,” Lynn explained: “Having the right job at the right time and being mentally prepared for it helped him transition to full-time,” Lynn said. “He also took coaching well.”

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